Stephen E. Lucas Debut Publication Award

Stephen E. Lucas Debut Publication Award
NCA Awards for Outstanding Scholarship

The Lucas Debut Publication Award seeks to encourage and reward new scholars in the communication discipline. It aims to identify and hold up for praise a contribution to the discipline by an author or authors publishing their first scholarly book or monograph. Scholars who have not previously received publication credit as an author or co-author of a book or a monograph (including articles in electronic-only journals) may submit their work for the Lucas Debut Publication Award.

Year Award Winner
2022 Richard Branscomb, “Making Manifest: White Supremacist Violence and the Ethics of Alethurgy,” published in the Journal for the History of Rhetoric in 2021.
2021 Kristina Lee, “Theistnormativity and the Negation of American Atheists in Presidential Inaugural Addresses,” published in Rhetoric & Public Affairs in 2020
2020 Hailey Nicole Otis, “Intersectional Rhetoric: Where Intersectionality as Analytic Sensibility and Embodied Rhetorical Praxis Converge,” published in the Quarterly Journal of Speech in 2019.
2019 Megan Alyssa Fletcher, “We to Me: An Autoethnographic Discovery of Self, In and Out of Domestic Abuse,” published in Women’s Studies in Communication in 2018.
2018 Whitney Gent, "When Homelessness Becomes a 'Luxury': Neutrality as an Obstacle to Counterpublic Rights Claims." Published in Quarterly Journal of Speech 103 (2017) 230-250.
2017 Yvonne Slosarski, “Jamming Market Rhetoric in Wisconsin's 2011 Labor Protests,” published in Communication and Critical/Cultural Studies 13 (2016): 250-268.
2016 Atilla Hallsby, "Imagine There's No President: The Rhetorical Secret and the Exposure of Valerie Plame," Quarterly Journal of Speech 101 (2015): 354-378.
2015 Lee M. Pierce, "Rhetoric of Traumatic Nationalism in the Ground Zero Mosque Controversy," Quarterly Journal of Speech 100 (2014): 53-80.
2014 Rohini S. Singh, "It's about Time: Reading U.S.-India Cold War Perceptions through News Coverage of India," Western Journal of Communication 78 (2014): 522-544.
2013 Emily Dianne Cram, "'Angie was our Sister:' Witnessing the Trans-Formation of Disgust in the Citizenry of Photography," Quarterly Journal of Speech 98 (2012): 411-438.
2012 Christine J. Gardner, Making Chastity Sexy (University of California Press, 2011).
2011 Thomas R. Dunn, “Remembering Matthew Shepard: Violence, Identity, and Queer Counterpublic Memories,” Rhetoric & Public Affairs 13 (2010): 611-652.
2010 Melanie Loehwing & Jeff Motter, “Publics, Counterpublics, and the Promise of Democracy,” Philosophy & Rhetoric 42 (2009): 220-241.