Samuel L. Becker Distinguished Service Award

Samuel L. Becker Distinguished Service Award
NCA Awards for Service

The Distinguished Service Award was first presented in 1971 to recognize a lifetime of outstanding service to the Association and to the profession. The Award is presented to the person judged to have made the greatest contribution to the association and to the profession during her or his career and is generally, but not necessarily, given to a person who has made a number of contributions during her or his career. The contributions may be in research, teaching, or service. In most cases, the individual selected will have made outstanding contributions in all three areas.

Year Award Winner
2023 Rich West
2022 Ronald L. Jackson II, University of Cincinnati
  Kent A. Ono, University of Utah
2021 Patrice Buzzanell
2020 Carolyn Calloway-Thomas
2019 Melissa L. Beall
2017 Dawn O. Braithwaite
2016 Arthur P. Bochner
2015 Kathleen Galvin
2014 Don M. Boileau
2013 No award given
2012 Linda L. Putnam
2011 Orlando Taylor
2010 Sherwyn Morreale
2009 Herbert W. Simons
2008 Judy C. Pearson
2007 William F. Eadie
2006 Joe MacDoniels
2005 James L. Gaudino
2004 Judith S. Trent
2003 Jody Nyquist
2002 Michael M. Osborn
2001 David Zarefsky
2000 Anita Taylor
1999 Bruce E. Gronbeck
1998 Sharon A. Ratliffe
1997 James W. Chesebro
1996 John Waite Bowers
1995 Beverly Whitaker Long
1994 Kenneth E. Andersen
1993 Dennis S. Gouran
1992 Malcolm O. Sillars
1991 Robert C. Jeffrey
1990 Ernest G. Bormann
1989 Samuel L. Becker
1988 Theodore Clevenger Jr.
1987 Gerald R. Miller
1986 Wayne Brockriede
1985 Wilbur S. Howell
1984 Robert G. Gunderson
1983 Wallace Bacon
1982 Lester Thonssen
1981 Loren Reid
1980 J. Jeffery Auer
1979 Douglas Ehninger
1978 Waldo Braden
1977 Carroll Arnold
1976 Marie Hochmuth Nichols
1975 Bower Aly
1974 No award given
1973 Karl R. Wallace
1972 Donald C. Bryant
1971 Franklin Knower