Robert J. Kibler Memorial Award

Robert J. Kibler Memorial Award
NCA Awards for Service

The award was created in 1978 to honor Robert J. Kibler. It was first presented in 1979. The award  recognizes those qualities epitomized by Professor Kibler's professional and personal life. These qualities include dedication to excellence, commitment to the profession, concern for others, vision of what could be, acceptance of diversity and forthrightness. The award will generally, but not necessarily, be given to a person who has exhibited those qualities over his or her career.

Year Award Winner
2023 Carol Winkler
2022 No award given
2021 Srividya Ramasubramanian
2020 Vincent Waldron
2019 Tina Maria Harris
2018 Jimmie Manning
2016 William J. Seiler
2015 No award given
2014 Larry Schnoor
2013 No award given
2012 Ronald L. Jackson II
2011 Brian H. Spitzberg
2010 Karen A. Foss
2009 Wendy Leeds-Hurwitz
2008 David Seibold
2007 David Henry
2006 Ronald C. Arnett
2005 Lois J. Einhorn
2004 Steve Duck
2003 Peter A. Andersen
2002 Kathleen Galvin
2001 James Chesebro
2000 Deborah F. Atwater
1999 Carolyn Calloway-Thomas
1998 Sue DeWine
1997 Anita Taylor
1996 Jody Nyquist
1995 Melbourne Cummings
1994 Fern Johnson
1993 Mark Knapp
1992 Wilmer Linkugel
1991 Bobby R. Patton
1990 Phillip K. Tompkins
1989 Mary Margaret Roberts
1988 Jane Blankenship
1987 Lawrence B. Rosenfeld
1986 Larry L. Barker
1985 Dennis S. Gouran
1984 No award given
1983 Thomas Benson
1982 Gerald Miller
1981 No award given
1980 James McCroskey
1979 John Bowers