Leslie Irene Coger Award for Distinguished Performance

Leslie Irene Coger Award for Distinguished Performance
NCA Awards for Outstanding Scholarship

The Coger Award was first presented in 1994, and is given to persons who have contributed an outstanding body of live performances. The award may be given to directors, producers, teachers, or performers. The award will normally be given for a body of performance or an outstanding career in performance. It may, in exceptional cases, be given to performers of a single or a smaller body of performance.

Year Award Winner
2023 Charles Parrott
2022 No award
2021 M. Heather Carver, University of Missouri
2020 Patricia Suchy
2019 John M. Allison, Jr.
2018 Heidi M. Rose
2017 Matthew Spangler
2016 Lesa Lockford
2015 Tracy Stephenson Shaffer
2014 Tami Spry
2013 D. Soyini Madison
  John D. Anderson
2012 Karen S. Mitchell
2011 Elyse Lamm Pineau
2010 E. Patrick Johnson
2009 Daniel W. Heaton
2008 Craig Gingrich-Philbrook
2007 Lynn C. Miller
2006 Ron Shields
2005 Paul H. Ferguson
2004 Mercilee M. Jenkins
2003 Ruth Laurion Bowman
2002 Joni Lee Jones
  Patricia S. Pace
2001 Terry Galloway
  Donna Marie Nudd
2000 M. Lee Potts
1999 Linda M. Park-Fuller
1998 Judy Yordon
1997 Paul C. Edwards
1996 Annette Martin
1995 Joanna H. Maclay
1994 Raymond Schneider