James L. Golden Outstanding Student Essay in Rhetoric Award

James L. Golden Outstanding Student Essay in Rhetoric Award
NCA Awards for Outstanding Scholarship

This award was created as an essay competition to encourage and support student research. The essay should focus on the history, theory, or criticism of rhetoric. The award can be given to undergraduate or graduate students. The first award was given in 2002. A laureate group is recognized in addition to the overall winning essayist.

Year Award Winner
2023 Julien Burns, for the essay, “Demagoguery vs. Counter-Hegemony in the Rhetoric of Huey P. Long”
2022 Isaac James Richards, Brigham Young University
2021 Alexandra Parr Balaram, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee
2020 Kate Rich, University of Texas at Austin
2019 Euni Kim, University of Utah
2018 Juliet SooGin Letteney, Colorado State University
2017 Emma Dulaney, Whitman College
2016 Samantha Grainger Shuba, Whitman College
2015 Kiah Bennett, University of Minnesota
2014 Donovan Bisbee, University of Illinois
2013 Hillary Palmer, University of Georgia
2012 Tiara Foster, Syracuse University
2011 Katie Irwin, University of Illinois
2010 Elliot Heilman, Northwestern University
2009 Jaclyn Howell, University of Kansas
2008 Francesca Marie Smith, Stanford University
2007 Theresa A. Donofrio, University of Maryland
2006 Brandon Inabinet, Northwestern University
2005 Mary Lynn Veden, University of Washington
2004 Cindy Koenig, Northwestern University
2003 Allison Gleghorn, Missouri State University
2002 Joel McKim, Concordia University