Human Communication and Technology Division

Interest Group Awards

Listed here are awards given by the Interest Group to its members. Interests Groups are smaller communities within NCA's large membership that provide a range of resources including networking opportunities, Annual Convention programming, leadership opportunities, awards, and specialized information dissemination channels, among others.

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Top Paper Award

Year Award Winner
2020 Natalie Pennington and Jeffrey Hall, "Does Facebook-Enabled Communication Influence Weak Tie Relationships Over Time? A Longitudinal Investigation into Mediated Relationship Maintenance”
2019 Emily Cramer, Bryan Jenkins, and Yoonmo Sang, "What’s Behind that Screenshot? Privacy Windows and Capturing Data on Screen"
2018 Jeeyun Oh, Jung Ah Lee, Sebitha Sudarshan, & Guan Soon Khoo, "Interactive interface creates sense of community: The combinatory effects of modality and source interactivity on user engagement"
2016 Jian Raymond Liu, Michael Stefanone, and Jessica Covert, "Source-Target Relationship and Specificity of Other-Generated Information: An Extension of Warranting Theory"
2015 Bree McEwan and Jesse Fox, “Why Communication Technologies Matter: Developing a Scale to Assess the Perceived Social Affordances of Communication Channels”
2014 Craig Scott, Punit Dadlani, Maria Dwyer, Surabhi Sahay, and Erin McKinely, “Technologies of Concealment: Appropriateness, Effectiveness, and Motivations for Hiding Organizational Identity”
2013 Young Shin Lim and Brandon Van Der Heide, “All Things Considered: Perceived Credibility of Online Consumer Reviews”
2012 Rebecca DiVerniero and Angela Hosek, “Twitter as a Classroom Tool: Exploring the Use, Benefits, and Downfalls from the Perspectives of Instructors and Students”

Top Student Paper Award

Year Award Winner
2020 Riley Richards, "The Role of Multiple Channel Verbal Affection in Dyadic Romantic Relationships"
2019 Kati Sudnick, "Empathy Within and Without: The Survival of Interpersonal Communication in a Digital Age"
2018 Valerie Rubinsky, "A Communication interdependence perspective of sexual communication and technology use in BDSM relationships"
2015 Ningxin Wang, David Roache, and Kimberly Pusteri, “The Interconnections of Multiple Communication Modes in Long-Distance Dating Relationships (LDDRs): Examining the Communicative Interdependence Perspective in Different Relational Contexts”
2014 Amanda Guzman, “From Channel to Communicator: Rethinking the Role of Technology in Communication”
2013 Jian Rui, Jessica Covert, and Tanuka Mukherjee, “Social Capital: Network Structure, SNS Use, and Offline Activities”
2012 David Askay, “Silence in the Crowd: The Spiral of Silence Contributing to the Positive Bias of Opinions in an Online Review System”

Top Dissertation Award

Year Award Winner
2020 Bingjie Liu, "Effects of Agency Locus and Transparency of Artificial Intelligence: Uncertainty Reduction and Emerging Mind"
2019 Edmund W. J. Lee, "#Hooked? Extending the Social Cognitive Model in Examining the Antecedents of Problematic Social Network Sites Use Among Singaporean Adolescents and Adults"
2018 Maura R. Chenney
2016 Michael Hanus
2015 Liesel Sharabi, “Modality switching in online dating: Identifying the communicative factors that make the transition from an online to an offline relationship more or less successful”
2014 Stephanie Robbins
2013 Erin M. Bryant

Outstanding Book Award

Year Award Winner
2015 Zizi Papcharissi, “Affective publics: Politics, emotion, and Twitter”(Oxford University Press, 2014)

Outstanding Article Award

Year Award Winner
2020 Jesse Fox & Bree McEwan, "Distinguishing Technologies for Social Interaction: The Perceived Social Affordances of Communication Channels Scale," Published in Communication Monographs, 84(3), 298-318. 
2018 David C. DeAndrea, "Advancing warranting theory"
2016 Brian Spitzberg, (2014). Toward a model of meme diffusion (M3D). Communication Theory, 24, 311-339. 
2014 Keri K. Stephens, Ashley K. Barrett, and Michael Mahometa

Graduate Student Travel Scholarships

Year Award Winner
2012 Jeong-Woo Jang, Daria S. Heinemann, and David Askay