Diamond Anniversary Book Award

Diamond Anniversary Book Award
NCA Awards for Outstanding Scholarship

In 1987, the NCA Golden Anniversary Book Award was discontinued, and all book award nominations were directed to the Winans-Wichelns Award Selection Committee. In 1991, the Administrative Committee recognized that, given the restrictions on the selection criteria for the Winans-Wichelns Award, books on subjects other than rhetoric and public address were not recognized by an existing NCA award. The Diamond Anniversary Book Award was created in response to this conclusion. The Diamond Anniversary Book Award is given to the most outstanding scholarly book(s) published during the previous year.

Year Award Winner
2023 V. Jo Hsu, University of Texas at Austin, Constellating Home: Trans and Queer Asian American Rhetorics, published by the Ohio State University Press in 2022.
2022 Catherine Knight Steele, University of Maryland, Digital Black Feminism, published by New York University Press in 2021.
  Karma R. Chávez, University of Texas at Austin, The Borders of AIDS: Race, Quarantine & Resistance, published by University of Washington Press in 2021.
2021 Lisa A. Flores, Deportable and Disposable: Public Rhetoric and the making of the “Illegal” Immigrant, published by The Pennsylvania State University Press in 2020.
  Sarah Jackson, University of Pennsylvania; Moya Bailey, Northwestern University; & Brooke Foucault Welles, Northeastern University, #HashtagActivism: Networks of Race and Gender Justice, published by MIT Press in 2020
2020 Mia Fischer, Terrorizing Gender: Transgender Visibility and the Surveillance Practices of the U.S. Security State, published by University of Nebraska Press in 2019.
2019 Lawrence Grossberg, Under the Cover of Chaos: Trump and the Battle for the American Right , published by Pluto Press in 2018.
  Melanie Loehwing, Homeless Advocacy and the Rhetorical Construction of the Civic Home, published by The Pennsylvania State University Press in 2018.
2018 Manoucheka Celeste, Race, Gender, and Citizenship in the African Diaspora. Travelling Blackness, published by Routledge in 2017.
2017 Lisa M. Corrigan, Prison Power: How Prison Influenced the Movement for Black Liberation, published by the University Press of Mississippi in 2016.
  Mary E. Triece, Urban Renewal and Resistance: Race, Space, and the City in the Late Twentieth to the Early Twenty-First Century, published by Lexington Books in 2016.
2016 Amy Adele Hasinoff, Sexting Panic: Rethinking Criminalization, Privacy, and Consent published by University of Illinois Press in 2015.
2015 Michael J. Lee, Creating Conservatism: Postwar Words that Made an American Movement, published by Michigan State University Press in 2014.
2014 Jennifer L. Bevan, The Communication of Jealousy, published by Peter Lang Publishing in 2013.
  Kelly E. Happe, The Material Gene: Gender, Race, and Heredity after the Human Genome Project, published by New York University Press in 2013.
2013 Paul M. Leonardi, Car Crashes without Cars: Lessons about Simulation Technology and Organizational Change from Automotive Design (The MIT Press, 2012).
2012 John Daly, Advocacy: Championing Ideas and Influencing Others (Yale University Press, 2011).
  Kate Kenski, Bruce Hardy, & Kathleen Hall Jamieson, The Obama Victory: How Media, Money, and Message Shaped the 2008 Election (Oxford University Press, 2010).
2011 Marwan Kraidy, Reality Television and Arab Politics:  Contention in Public Life (Cambridge University Press, 2010).
2010 Debra Hawhee, Moving Bodies: Kenneth Burke at the Edges of Language. (University of South Carolina Press, 2009).
2009 Karlyn Kohrs Campbell & Kathleen Hall Jamieson, Presidents Creating the Presidency: Deeds Done in Words. (University of Chicago Press, 2008).
2008 Robert Hariman & John Louis Lucaites, No Caption Needed: Iconic Photographs, Public Culture and Liberal Democracy. (University of Chicago Press, 2007).
  William M. Keith, Democracy as Discussion: Civic Education and the American Forum Movement. (Lexington Books, 2007).
2007 Trevor Parry-Giles, The Character of Justice: Rhetoric, Law, and Politics in the Supreme Court Confirmation Process. (Michigan State University Press, 2006).
2006 Angela Ray, The Lyceum and Public Culture in the Nineteenth-Century United States. (Michigan State University Press, 2005).
  Marouf Hasian Jr., In the Name of Necessity: Military Tribunals and the Loss of American Civil Liberties. (University of Alabama Press, 2005).
2005 Daniel C. Hallin and Paolo Mancini, Comparing Media Systems: Three Models of Media and Politics. (Cambridge University Press, 2004).
2004 Cara A. Finnegan, Picturing Poverty: Print Culture and FSA Photographs. (Smithsonian Books, 2003).
2003 Mary Douglas Vavrus, Postfeminist News: Political Women in Media Culture. (SUNY Press, 2002).
2002 James Aune, Selling the Free Market. (Guilford Press, 2002).
2001 Michael Hyde, The Call of Conscience: Heidegger and Levinas, Rhetoric and the Euthanasia Debate. (University of South Carolina Press, 2001).
2000 Stephen Howard Browne, Angelina Grimke:  Rhetoric, Identity, and the Radical Imagination. (Michigan State University Press, 1999).
1999 Barbie Zelizer, Remembering to Forget: Holocaust Memory Through the Camera’s Eye (University of Chicago Press, 1998).
  Nina Eliasoph, Avoiding Politics: How Americans Produce Apathy in Everyday Life (Cambridge University Press, 1998).
1998 James Darsey, The Prophetic Tradition and Radical Rhetoric in America. (New York University Press, 1997).
1997 Robert P. Newman, Truman and Hiroshima Cult. (Michigan State University Press, 1995).
1996 Paul Messaris, Visual “Literacy”: Image, Mind and Reality. (Westview Press, 1994).
1995 Roderick Hart, Seducing America: How Television Charms the Modern Voter. (Oxford University Press, 1994).
1994 Susan Herbst, Numbered Voices: How Opinion Polling Has Shaped American Politics. (University of Chicago Press, 1994).