Communication and Social Cognition Division

Interest Group Awards

Listed here are awards given by the Interest Group to its members. Interests Groups are smaller communities within NCA's large membership that provide a range of resources including networking opportunities, Annual Convention programming, leadership opportunities, awards, and specialized information dissemination channels, among others.

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Top Paper Award

Year Award Winner
2021 Jessica Gasiorek (University of Hawai’i at Manoa) and R. Kelly Aune (University of Hawai’i at Manoa),"Creating understanding: How communicating aligns minds."
2021 Jacob Fisher (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), Kristy Hamilton (University of California, Santa Barbara),"Integrating Media Selection and Media Effects Using Decision Theory"
2021 Xuanjun Gong (University of California, Davis), Richard Huskey (University of California, Davis), Allison Eden (Michigan State University), and Ezgi Ulusoy (Michigan State University),"• Computationally modeling mood management theory: a drift-diffusion model of people’s preference for valence and arousal"
2020 Ezgi Ulusoy, Sara Grady, Kevin J. Kryston, Judith Rosenbaum, Benjamin K. Johnson, Allison L. Eden, "Challenge Accepted! The Role of Content Challenge and Self-Control in Spoiler Selection and Anticipated Enjoyment"
2020  Jessica Gall Myrick and Christofer Skurka, "Does repeated exposure to threatening news stories fan the flames or desensitize audiences? Testing competing hypotheses in the context of climate change communication"
2020 Ralf Schmaelzle, Sara Grady, Joshua Baldwin, Henry Goble, Neha Sethi, Junyi Han, "How shared brain activity varies over the course of a narrative in regions associated with social cognition and story comprehension"
2020 Xun Zhu and Rachel Smith, "Standing Out While Fitting In: Examining Linguistic Choices by Innovators"
2018 Hillary C. Shulman and Olivia M. Bullock, "Pairing a Gain-Loss Frame with a Metrocognitive Frame to Explain Health and Risk Perceptions and the Cognitive Processes Associated with Framing Effects"
2018 Brian L. Quick, Salah Al-Ghaithi, Tobias Reynolds-Tylus, Andrea Martinez Gonzalez, and Kaitlyn Nead, "Reactance Proneness and Driving Rights among Mature Adults: A Test of a Reactance-Induced Behavioral Outcome"
2018 Jen Hoewe, Elliot Panek, Cynthia Peacock, Lindsey Sherrill, and Shannon Wheeler, "Using moral foundation to asses stereotype formation: Americans' perceptions of immigrants and refugees"
2016 Jialing Huang, Haoran Chu, Changhyun Ahn, Kaitlin Fitzgerald, and Matthew Grizzard, "Graphic violence speaks louder: More evidence that viewing atrocities increases moral salience"
2016 Matthew S. McGlone and Elizabeth M. Glowacki, "Hate the sin, love the saints: Activities vs. actors in message design" 
2016 Nicholas A. Palomares, Adam Richards, Teresa Gil-Lopez, and Cassandra Alexopoulos, "The representations of goals and their dimensionality in conversation"
2015 Marko Dragojevic and Howard Giles, "I dont like you because you're hard to understand: The role of processing fluency in the language attitudes process"
2015 Timothy R. Levine, "What's up with deception cues? A close look at some bizarre paradoxical findings from meta-analysis and primary experiements"
2015 Nicholas A. Palomares, Katherine Grasso, and Siyue Li, "Are secondary goals goals? Differentiating goals and constraints"
2014 Steven A. McCornack, Kelly Morrison, Xun Zhu, Amy W. Wisner, Jihyun Esther Paik, and Joshua C. Nelson, "Predicting When People Will Lie: Information Manipulation Theory 2 and the McCornack Falsification Probability Curve"
2014 Susanne M. Jones, Wesley D. Hansen, and Samuel D. Hughes, "How the Genie Got in the Bottle: Initial Results for an Appraisal-Based Model of Mindful Supportive Communication"
2014 Cynthia K. Lindley, Erina L. MacGeorge, Helen Lillie, and Rebekah G. Pastor, "Gender Differences in the Evaluation of Advice: Dual Process or Instrumental Motivation?"
2013 Graham Bodie, Susanne Jones, Andrea Vickery, Laura Hatcher, and Kaitlin Cannava, “Assessing Source Constellations for Evaluations of Enacted Support”
2013 Allison Shaw, Mark Zorzie, Christopher Carpenter, and Tobias Reynolds-Tylus, “The Development and Testing of the Model of Verbal Aggression and Message Processing and Production”
2013 Amber Westcott-Baker and Rene Weber “Dynamic Attitudes in Response to Multi-Argument Health Messages”
2012 Timothy Levine, J. Peter Blair, and David D. Clare, “Diagnostic Utility: Experimental Demonstrations and Replications of Powerful Question Effects and Smaller Question by Experience Interactions in High Stake Deception Detection”
2012 Graham Bodie, James M. Honeycutt, and Andrea J. Vickery, “An Analysis of the Correspondence between Imagined Interaction Attributes and Functions”
2012 Torsten Reimer, Markus Raab, and Benjamin Russel, “The Message-Primacy Hypothesis: Effects of Argument Quality on the Evaluation of Proponents”

Top Student Paper Award

Year Award Winner
2021 Samuel Wilson (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign),"Error or influence? A critical review of bias in communication and social cognition."
2016 Matthew Pittman and Brandon Reich, "Social media and loneliness: Why an Instagram picture may be worth more than a thousand twitter words"
2013 Jessica Gasiorek, “Through Your Eyes, Things Look Better: Perspective-Taking, Attributions, and Perceived Accommodation”
2012 Jennifer Hoewe, Brett Sherrick, and Alyssa Appelman, “Stereotype Priming through News Story Headlines: Use of the Word Terrorist to Prompt Implicit Associations with Muslims”

Outstanding Article of the Year Award

Year Award Winner
2021 Hillary Shulman (The Ohio State University) and Olivia Bullock (The Ohio State University Using metacognitive cues to amplify message content: a new direction in strategic communication
2016 Sungeun Chung and Shin-ll Moon (2016) Is the third-person effect real? A critical examination of rationales, testing methods, and previous findings of the third-person effect on censorship attitudes. Human Communication Research.
2015 Lijiang Shen and James Price Dillard (2014) Threat, Fear, and Persuasion: Review and Critique of Questions About Functional Form. Review of Communication Research, 2, 94-114.
2014 Sungeun Chung and Edward Fink
2012 Qi Wang, Edward L. Fink, and Deborah A. Cai