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Interest Group Awards

Listed here are awards given by the Interest Group to its members. Interests Groups are smaller communities within NCA's large membership that provide a range of resources including networking opportunities, Annual Convention programming, leadership opportunities, awards, and specialized information dissemination channels, among others.

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Outstanding Book Award

Year Award Winner
2023 Howard Giles, Jessica Gasiorek, Shardé M. Davis, & Jane Giles, Communication for Successful Aging: Empowering Individuals Across the Lifespan
2020 Peter M. Kellett & Jennifer M. Hawkins, Women’s Narratives of Health Disruption and Illness: Within and Across Their Life Stories
2018 Carla L. Fisher
Inaugural Winner
Coupland, Coupland, and Giles, Language, Society, and Elderly

Outstanding Journal Article Award

Year Award Winner
2023 T. J. Thomson, Alex Phan, Sarah Holland-Batt, Jen Seevinck, Evonne Miller, & Sam Regi, "Who or What Gets Referenced by Whom, How Often, and in Which Ways? Exploring Journalists’ Sourcing Practices in the Context of Aged Care Coverage," published in Journalism Practice in 2023.
2022 TJ Thomson, Evonne Miller, Sarah Holland-Batt, Jen Seevinck, & Sam Regi, "Visibility and invisibility in the aged care sector: Visual representation in Australian news from 2018-2021" published in Media International Australia in 2021.
2021 No award given
2020 Craig Fowler, Jessica Gasiorek, & Howard Giles, "The Role of Communication in Aging Well:  Introducing the Communicative Ecology Model of Successful Aging" 
2017 Lindsey B. Anderson and Melanie Morgan (2017) "An Examination of Nurses' Intergenerational Communicative Experiences in the Workplace: Do Nurses Eat Their Young?" Communication Quarterly, 65(4), 377-401.
Inaugural Winner
Ellen B. Ryan, Howard Giles, Giampiero Bartolucci, & Karen Henwood Ryan, E. B., Giles, H., Bartolucci, G., & Henwood, K. (1986). Psycholinguistic and social psychological components of communication by and with the elderly. Language and Communication, 6, 1-24.

Outstanding Dissertation Award

Year Award Winner
2021 Brett Robertson, University of Texas at Austin, “Developing Resilience Through Communication and Community: Natural Disaster Preparedness in Retirement Communities”
2019 Weston Wiebe
2018 Camella J. Rising, Ph.D.
2017 Patricia Gettings, "Understanding the Communicative Process of Baby Boomer Women Adjusting to Reitrement: Connecting Micro and Macro Discourses"
2015 Danielle Catona, Rutgers University, “Active Involvement: Developing an Intervention that Actively Engages Older Adults in Fall Prevention Message Planning”
2014 Lauren Amaro, Arizona State University, “Dyadic Outcomes of Gratitude Exchange Between Family Caregivers and their Siblings”
2014 Lindsey Anderson, Purdue University, “There Goes Another Little Chip of Your Heart: Exploring the Intersections of Communication, Emotional Labor, and Age”
2011 Charles Choi, University of California, Santa Barbara, “Young Adults’ Perceptions of Communication with Intra- and Intergenerational Targets across the Lifespan: A Cross-Cultural Comparison between the USA and Mongolia”
2010 Pamela Kennedy, University of Kansas, “Intergenerational and Peer Communication in the Workplace: An Analysis of Satisfaction and Dissatisfaction”
2009 Jill Yamasaki, Texas A&M University, “Community Connectedness and Long-Term Care in Late Life: A Narrative Analysis of Successful Aging in a Small Town”
2008 Carla Fisher, Pennsylvania State University, “Communicative Adjustment to Breast Cancer across the Life Span: Mother-Adult Daughter Communication after a Breast Cancer Diagnosis”

Naomi Bell Cornman O'Neil, The Ohio State University, "Socialization of Grandchildren by their Grandparents about the Attitudes and Beliefs of Love and Marriage"

2006 Jordan Soliz, University of Kansas, “Shared Family Identity, Age Salience, and Intergroup Contact: Investigation of the Grandparent–Grandchild Relationship”
2005 Robert McCann, University of California, Santa Barbara, “Intra- and Intergenerational Communication in the Workplace: Perspectives from Thailand and the United States of America”

Outstanding Thesis Award

Year Award Winner
2020 Amanda Cooper, "Turbulence and transformation: Caregiving spouses’ use of communication in managing and sustaining relationship across the prolonged transition of alzheimer’s disease and related dementias" 
2015 Weston Wiebe, University of Kansas, “Conflict Initiating Factors and Management Styles in Family and Nonfamily Intergenerational Relationship: American Young Adults’ Retrospective Written Accounts”
2012 Nicole Piemonte, Arizona State University, “The Contradictions of Caregiving, Loss and Grief during Emerging Adulthood: Blending Autoethnography and Thematic Analysis”
2011 Danielle Catona, Rutgers University, “Age-adapted Speech in an Assisted Living Facility”
2009 Sarah Nebel, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, “Dying as an Individual: A Call for a Patient-Centered Approach to Hospice Care Research”
2008 Melinda Weathers, University of Houston, “Exploring Communication Competence, Social Support, Perceived Coping, and Religious Coping among Hispanic Family Members Caring for Loved Ones with Alzheimer's Disease”

Top Paper Award

Year Award Winner

Patricia E. Gettings,"Considering Domains of Communication about Careers and Retirement: Re-Visiting Profiles of Communication about Aging" 


Kai Kuang,"Considering Domains of Communication about Careers and Retirement: Re-Visiting Profiles of Communication about Aging" 


Lindsey B. Anderson, Patricia E. Gettings,"Old Age Scares Me': Exploring Young Adults’ Feelings About Aging Before and During COVID-19"


Quinten Bernhold, "Integrating Socioemotional Selectivity Theory into the Communicative Ecology Model of Successful Aging to Understand the Implications of Age-Related"


Ressa Amanda Cooper, Margaret Jane Pitts, and Jake Harwood, “‘That’s When the Relationship Shifted’: Relational Turning Points in Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Dementias”

2020 Quinten Shenk Bernhold, "Age-Related Communication Patterns as Predictors of Affect About Aging in the Family"
2020 Quinten Shenk Bernhold, "Middle-Aged Children’s Instrumental Caregiving for an Older Parent and Depressive Symptoms: The Moderating Role of the Parent’s Accommodative Communication"
2020 Jill S. Yamasaki, "Old Friends Make the Best Friends: The Ethics of Care and Value of Age in Animal Rescue"
2020 Crystal (Yee To) Ng, Yee Man Ng, Meng Huo, and Karen Fingerman, "Older Adult’s Marital Status, Social Interactions, and Conversations in Everyday Life"
2019 Quinten Shenk Bernhold, University of California, Santa Barbara, Howard Giles, University of California, Santa Barbara
2019 Weston T. Wiebe, College of the Ozarks, Yan Bing Zhang, University of Kansas
2019 Craig Fowler, Massey University, Jake Harwood, University of Arizona
2019 Quinten Shenk Bernhold, University of California Santa Barbara, Jessica N. Gasiorek, University of Hawaii, Manoa
2018 Jessica N. Gasiorek and Craig Fowler, "Effects of 'Environmental Chatter' about Age and Aging on Middle-Aged and Older Adults’ Communication and Perceptions of Aging Efficacy"
2018 Jessica D. Freeman and Jessica Elton, "'What if You Die?' Skipped-Generation Caregivers' Conversations With Their Grandchildren about Death"
2018 Sarah Fadem and Sunyoung Kim, "It’s All About Communication: Exploring Older Adults’ Perspectives on Patient Portals"
2018 Weston T. Wiebe and Yan Bing Zhang, "Older Adults’ Perspective of Intergenerational Conflict: Initiating Factors and Management Styles"
2017 Jessica Freeman and Ryan Stoldt, "Grandma or Mommy: Familial Labeling as Constructs of Identity in Grandfamilies"
2017 Jessica Gasiorek, Craig Fowler, and Howie Giles, "Communication and Successful Aging: Reconceptualizing the Role of Uncertainty"
2017 Particia Gettings and Lindsey B. Anderson, "Exploring Retirement as a Communicative Process: A Research Agenda for Communication Scholars"
2015 Craig Fowler & Jessica Gasiorek, “Profiling Younger Adults’ Communication About Aging”
2014 Craig Fowler, Jessica Gasiorek, & Howard Giles, "Introducing the Communicative Ecology Model of Successful Aging"
2013 Jill Yamasaki & Shelly Hovick, “‘That Was Grown Folks’ Business’: Narrative Reflection and Response in Older Adults’ Family Health History Communication”
2012 Howard Giles, Gholam Hassan Khaiavy, & Charles Choi, “Intergenerational Communication Satisfaction and Age Boundaries: Comparative Middle Eastern Data”
2011 Jennifer Ohs, “Relationships of Influence of Health-Care Decisions in Older Adulthood”
2010 Yi Song & Yan Bing Zhang, “Perceptions of the Son/Husband’s Mediation Styles in Chinese Mother/Daughter-in-Law Conflicts”
2009 Elizabeth Gill, “Home Sweet Home: Conceptualizing and Coping with the Challenges of Aging and the Move to a Care Facility”
2008 Carla Fisher, “Communicative Adjustment to Breast Cancer across the Life Span: Mother-Adult Daughter Communication after a Breast Cancer Diagnosis”
2007 Howard Giles, Rene Dailey, & Javashree Sarkar, “Young Adults' Intergenerational Communication Beliefs about Talking with Three Generations: Comparative Data from India”
2006 Rene Dailey, Howard Giles, & Sinfree Makoni, “Intergenerational Communication Beliefs Across the Lifespan: Comparative Data from Ghana and South Africa”
2005 Rene Dailey, Robert McCann, Howard Giles, & Hiroshi Ota, “An Integrative Perspective on Intergenerational Communication Across the Lifespan”

Top Student Paper Award

Year Award Winner
2015 Weston Wiebe & Yan Bing Zhang, “Conflict Initiating Factors and Management Styles in Family and Nonfamily Intergenerational Relationship: American Young Adults’ Retrospective Written Accounts”
2014 Danielle Catona, “‘We Have Been Robbed of the Life We Planned’: Relational Turbulence and Experiences of Alzheimer’s Disease”
2013 Kristina Wenzel, Sara Trask, & Noah Franken, “The Institution of Home at Walnut Creek: A Nursing Home Residents’ Experience of Home and Family”
2011 Danielle Catona, “Age-adapted Speech in an Assisted Living Facility”
2010 Hai Ying Kong, “What Shall I Use: Traditional Chinese Medicine, Biomedicine, or Both?”


Giles -Nussbaum Award

Year Award Winner
2023 Carla L. Fisher
2021 Yan Bing Zhang
2021 Jessica Gasiorek
2017 Loretta Pecchioni