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Interest Group Awards

Listed here are awards given by the Interest Group to its members. Interests Groups are smaller communities within NCA's large membership that provide a range of resources including networking opportunities, Annual Convention programming, leadership opportunities, awards, and specialized information dissemination channels, among others.

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Top Paper Award

Year Award Winner
2023 Gabriel Wisnewski-Parks & Vincent Russell, "Democratic Education through Public Speaking: A Review and Advance of Citizenship Preparation for Public Speaking Pedagogy"
2021 Drew T. Ashby-King, Victoria Ledford, Jeannette Iannacone, Matthew Salzano, & Lindsey B. Anderson, "Expanding and Constraining Critical Communication Pedagogy in the Basic Communication Course:A Critique of Assessment Rubrics"
  Julie Snyder-Yuly, "Team-based learning in the basic course: Course development and student perceptions"
  Luke LeFebvre, Leah LeFebvre & Mike Allen, "Eye Behavior within Virtual Environments: The Compositor Mirror Tool and Public Speaking Competency"
  Tim McKenna Buchanan, Stevie Munz, & Anna Wright, "Triage Teaching in the Basic Communication Course: Renewing Teacher Self-Efficacy During COVID-19"
2020 Lindsey B. Anderson, Ashley Jones-Bodie, and Jennifer Hall, “Mapping Research Directions in the Basic Communication Course: A Meta-Synthesis of Public Scholarship”
  Jill C. Underhill, Victoria A. Ledford, and Hillary Adams, “Public Speaking is a Skill that Everyone Needs no Matter What: Exploring Peer Perceptions Toward Students on the Autism Spectrum in Basic Course Classrooms"
2019 Jennifer Bonnet, Rose Deng, and Liliana Herakova, "Beyond the Fringe: Braiding Public Speaking, Information Literacy, and Civic Mindedness in the Basic Course"
2018 Tim Ball, "I Can't Do Public Speaking (Yet): Theories of Intelligence Adapted to Speech Performance by Tim Ball"
2017 T. Kody Frey, Cheri Simonds, John F. Hooker, Kevin R. Meyer, and Stephen K. Hunt, "Assessment in the Basic Communication Course: Evaluating a Criterion-Based Speech Evaluation Training Program for Students"
2016 Angela M. Hosek, Keith Cyril Bistodeau, Stevie Munz, Zamzam Jama, Andrew Frisbie, and Sonia Rains Ivancic, "Basic Communication Students' Perceptions of the Purpose and Their Role in the Peer Feedback Process"
2015 Lindsey B. Anderson, Elizabeth E. Gardner, Andrew D. Wolvin, Rowena Kirby-Straker, Adil Yalcin, and Ben Bederson, “Incorporating Learning Analytics into Basic Course Administration: How to Embrace the Opportunity to Identify Inconsistencies and Inform Responses”
2014 Chris R. Sawyer, "Student Affective Reactions to Grading in Basic Communication Courses"
2013 Samuel Wallace and Joseph M. Valenzano, “Integrating General Education and the Basic Course: Developing a Process Model for a Sustainable Foundation Course in Communication”
2012 Kristin Stimpson, Elizabeth Goins, and Maegan Stephens, “Can Improv Build Skills in the Basic Course? Yes, and… it Can be a Lot of Fun, Too”
2011 Luke LeFebvre, “Effect of Goal Setting and Self-generated Feedback on Speaking Speechmaking”
2010 Brian Spitzberg, “Making an IMPACCT©: The Interactive Media Package for Assessment of Communication and Critical Thinking”


Dr. Lawrence W. Hugenberg Top Student Paper Award in the Basic Course

Year Award Winner
2023 Emma Nelson, "Public Speaking from the Eyes of a Shy Kid"
2021 Miranda Rouse, "Renewing Public Speaking Anxiety Techniques: Incorporating Deception Communication Into The Basic Course Curriculum"
2020 Drew T. Ashby-King, Raphael Mazzone, and Lindsey B. Anderson, “Defining Feedback: Understanding Students’ Perceptions of Feedback in the Basic Communication Course”
2020 Karin H. Nordin, “The Public Speaking Fear Scale: Measuring the Content of Negative Cognitions”
2019 Michelle Hershberger, "Managing Graduate Teaching Assistant Misbehaviors: Perspectives of Basic Course Directors’ from the Front Porch."
2018 Allison Doherty, "Mimesis and the Basic Public Speaking Course: A Return to Tradition"
2017 John P. Banister, "The Pedagogical Relevance of the Toulmin Model in the 21st Century"
2016 Kathryn B. Golsan, "Critical Communication Pedagogy and Critical Service-Learning Pedagogy for Social Justice Outcomes in the Core Communication Course"
2015 T. Kody Frey, “Peer Assessment and Use of Written Speech Feedback in the Basic Communication Course”
2014 Linsay Cramer, “Teaching the Foundations of Media Literacy in the Basic Communication Course”
2013 Kathleen Hunt and Melinda Krakow, “Fostering Connections Between Basic Communication Courses: Exploring Collaborative Teaching for Community Engagement”
2012 William Upchurch, “Discarding Nature versus Nurture: Public Address as the Basic Communication Course”
2011 Christine Bruckner, Dennis G. Ellison, Traci Finch, Lauren Jump, and Michael Storr, “Student Participation in Small Group Civic Engagement Classroom Projects”
2010 William Saas, “Bridging the Practical Gap: Imitation Pedagogy, Civic Engagement and the Basic Public Speaking Course”
2009 William Saas, “Stable Concepts, Changing Needs: Textbook Customization and the Basic Public Speaking Course”

Top Panel Award

Year Award Winner
2023 Jordin Clark, Jennifer Abbott, James Michael Proszek, Marty Heath, Franklin Kimmell, Hailey N. Otis, Tracey Quigley Holden, & Liam Michael Cuddy, "Basic Course as Blank Slate: Critically Reimagining the Foundations in the Foundational Communication Course"
2021 Kristina Ruiz-Mesa, Angela M. Hosek, Tim McKenna Buchanan, Stevie M. Munz, & Anna M. Wright, "Re-Examining Participation and Engagement in the Basic Course"
2020 Joshua Westwick, Kelli J. Chromey, Tim McKenna Buchanan, Stevie Munz, and Anna Wright, "Is the Basic Communication Course at the Crossroads Concerning Dual Credit?"
2019 Drs. Diane Carter, April Chatham-Carpenter, Cynthia A. Grobmeier, Gary Hughes, Jessica Delk McCall, Tim McKenna Buchanan, Stevie Munz, Lynette Sharp Penya, & Kristen Farris, "More than Survival: Using Basic Course Retention Research to Strengthen the Role of the Basic Course for Colleges and Universities"
2017 Melissa A. Broeckelman-Post, Jon A. Hess, Joseph Mazer, Cheri Simonds, Joseph M. Valenzano, and Samuel P. Wallace, "Advancing the Basic Course: A Call and a Pathway to Scholarship"
2016 Joseph M. Valenzano, Jon A. Hess, Deanna L. Fassett, Cheri Simonds, W. Bradford Mello, Melissa A. Broeckelman-Post, Brenda MacArthur, Stephen K. Hunt, and Samuel P. Wallace, "The Basic Communication Course Annual Forum: A SWOT Analysis of the Basic Course"
2015 Mark J. Butland, Joseph M. Valenzano, Steven A. Beebe, Isa N. Engleberg, and Samuel P. Wallace, “The Basic Course Survival Kit: Leadership and Mentorship Opportunities When Strengthening the Basic Course’s Place in Degree Plans and Core Requirements”
2014 Lindsey B. Anderson, Melanie Morgan, Ashley Jones-Bodie, Joseph M. Valenzano, Angela M. Hosek, Cheri Simonds, and John Hooker, “The Role of Mentors in Basic Course Administration: Examining the Presence of Our Past Mentoring Experiences”
2013 Pravin Rodriques, Ken Danielson, Pamela L. Royse, Kristen L. Mahocha, and Emily Brandenberger, “Useful Solutions in Classroom Management: Addressing Common and Emerging Problems in the Basic Course”
2012 Justin Braxton-Brown, Melissa Ann Broeckelman-Post, Angela M. Hosek, Blair Thompson, Joseph M. Valenzano, and Deanna Fassett, “The Dark Side of Basic Course Directing: Creating COMMunity Despite Dealing with Difficult Staff Situations”
2011 Pamela Hayward, John Hooker, Nancy J. Street, Lynette L. Sharp Penya, Myra Young, Lauren Lemley, and Lori A. Norin, “Voice, Technology, and Student Critiques in the Digital Age”
2010 Joseph M. Valenzano, David Worley, Kate Thedwall, Rick Armstrong, Barbara Hugenberg, and Deanna Fassett, “Administrative Advocacy on Campus: Engaging the Campus on Behalf of the Basic Course”

Program of Excellence Award

Year Award Winner
2016 George Mason University
2014 University of Dayton
2013 South Dakota State University
2012 Virginia Tech University
2011 Texas State University
2010 University of Nebraska-Omaha
2009 University of Nevada-Las Vegas
2008 Illinois State University

Program of Distinction Award

Year Award Winner
2023 Rutgers University
2022 California State University, Los Angeles
2018 Louisiana Tech University
2017 Purdue University
2016 University of Connecticut 
2015 University of Alabama, Colorado State University, University of Kansas
2014 University of Maryland
2013 Gustavus Adolphus University
2012 University of Kentucky, Purdue University
2010 Texas State University

Don Yoder Distinguished Faculty Award

Year Award Winner
2022 Dr. Joseph M. Valenzano III
2021 Chris Gurrie
2020 Joshua Westwick
2017 Joyce Ferguson
2017 Melanie Morgan
2015 Melissa L. Beall
2015 Andrew D. Wolvin
2014 Kristina Galyan
2014 Sam Wallace
2013 William J. Seiler
2013 Cheri J. Simonds
2013 Donald Yoder

Distinguished Article Award

Year  Award Winner
2023 Ashley Jones-Bodie, Lindsey B. Anderson, & Jennifer Hall, "Where Do You Turn? Student-Identified Resources in the Basic Course Experience, Sources of Information, Feedback, and Help-Seeking Behaviors"
2020 Sherry Morreale, “Why Communication Education is Important: A Third Study on the Centrality of the Discipline’s Content and Pedagogy” 
2019 Lindsey B. Anderson, Incorporating learning analytics into basic course administration: How to embrace the opportunity to identify inconsistencies and inform responses.
2015 Hunt, S. K, Semlak, J. L., Novack, D. R, & Myers, K. R. (2005). Synthesizing the First 15 Years of the Basic Communication Course Annual: What Research Tells Us about Effective Pedagogy, Basic Communication Course Annual, 17, 1-42.
2014 Morreale, S. P., Worley, D. W., Hugenberg, B. (2010). The Basic Communication Course at Two-and Four-Year Colleges and Universities: Study VII – The 40th Anniversary, Communication Education, 59, 405-430.

Textbook of Distinction Award

Year Award Winner
2022 George Griffin
2021 "Speak Out, Call In: Public Speaking as Advocacy" Written by Dr. Meggie Mapes.
2019 "Communication in the Real World" Written by Dr. Richard G. Jones, Jr.
2015 “The Speaker’s Primer” custom edition for George Mason University. Published by Fountainhead Press.
2013 “Public Speaking and Civic Engagement” by Hogan, Andrews, Andrews, and Williams. Published by Pearson.
2013 “Principles of Oral Communication” custom edition for the University of Dayton. Published by Fountainhead Press.

Outstanding Service Award

Year Award Winner
2022 Dr. Lindsey Anderson
2021 Jennifer Hall
2020 Kristina Ruiz-Mesa
2019 Dr. Luke LeFebvre
2018 Suzy Prentiss
2017 Joshua Westwick
2016 Tiffany Wang