Asian/Pacific American Communication Studies Division & Caucus

Interest Group Awards

Listed here are awards given by the Interest Group to its members. Interests Groups are smaller communities within NCA's large membership that provide a range of resources including networking opportunities, Annual Convention programming, leadership opportunities, awards, and specialized information dissemination channels, among others.

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Research Awards

Top Paper Award
Year Award Winner
2022 Santhosh Chandrashekar, for "What’s Cooking? Caste as the (Not So) Secret Ingredient of Indian American Identity"
2022 Megu Itoh, for "(Re)theorizing Kizuna: Reimagining Relationality for More Livable Lives"
2022 Anita Silwal, for "A Salient Belief Elicitation Examining South Asian’s Mental Health"
2022 Joaquin Torre for "Tattooing Decolonial and Indigenous Futurity"
2021 Shinsuke Eguchi, "Studying AsiaPacifiQueer Communication: Autoethnographic Critique of Japanese Queer Reimagining(s) of Hawai’I"
2021 Terrie Siang-Ting Wong & Shuzhen Huang, "Complicating the 'Asian' in Anti-Asian Racism: China/Chinese as Signifiers in COVID-era Yellow Peril Rhetoric"
2021 Corinne Mitsuye Sugino, "Intimacy, Exoticism, and Asian/American Women: Theorizing Multiculturalism as Fetish"
2021 Euni Kim, "#StarringJohnCho: Visual Political Imagination as Critical Public Pedagogy"
2020 Tony Tran, "Camping and Communicating across Diasporic Hierarchies: Negotiating Vietnamese American Anticommunist Ideologies in Vietnamese Canadian Spaces"
2020  Syed Hussain, B. William Silcock, Helen Wieffering, and Shahbaz Aslam, "A Comparative Study on the Visual Framing of Kashmir Conflict: An Application of Social Identity Theory "
2018 Ishani Mukherjee & Maggie Griffith Williams
2018 David C. Oh & Leilani Nishime
2018 Kevin Wang
2018 Thi Hai Ly Tran
2017 David Oh
2017 Ryan D'Souza
2017 Sarah Varabedian
2016 Yea-Wen Chen and Masato Nakazawa, “’They Don’t Know Where to Get Help’: A Case Study of Pan-Asian Organizing Discourses via Sentiment Analysis”
2016 Anuraj Dhillon and Carolyn Lin, “Exposure to Asian American Portrayals on Primetime Television: Predicting Viewer Perceptions of Model Minority Stereotypes”
2016 Alison Yeh, "Changing the Script: Social Scripts as Featured on Fresh off the Boat"
2016 Kylie Lanthorn, "Buying Progress: Producing Narratives of Modernity through Consumption in Hanoi, Vietnam"
2015 Peter Zhang, “The Human Seriousness of Interality: An East Asian Take”
2015 Mark Brians and JongHwa Lee, “Iolani Palace and the Rhetoric of Restoration”
2015 Jillian Moga, "A Defiant Presence: A Rhetorical Criticism of Vijay Iyer's Yale Asian American Reunion Keynote Address"
2015 Elizabeth S. Parks, "Hybridized Heads: A Critical Analytic Autoethnography of Mixed Asian American and Disability Identities" 
2014 Qin Zhang, “Perceived Intergroup Stereotypes, Threats, and Emotions toward Asian Americans”
2014 Koeli Goel, “Reading silences: Re-visioning an authentic past beyond a maze of curatorial choices in museums of postcolonial India’
2014 Michael Park, “Psy-zing Up the Mainstreaming of ‘Gagnam Style’: Embracing Asian Masculinity as Neo-Minstrelsy?"
2014 Siyuan Yin, “The Powerless in Contemporary China: News Representations of Rural Women and Female Migrants”
2013 Linda Dam, “Domestic Violence: A Phenomenological Approach to the Justifications and Acceptance of Controlling Behavior Among Americans of Asian Descent”
2013 Ling Yang, “The Threat of a Million Imperialists”
2013 Sumanth Inukonda, “Home and Away: Telangana Online Diaspora and Political Participation”
2012 Keeley Buehler Hunter, “Representations of Race, Class, and Gender in Fashion: A Critique of Dior’s 2007 Spring/Summer Collection”
2012 Eura Jung, “Korean Americans’ Perceptions of Racial Distances, Interracial Interaction, and Depression Level”
2012 Ling Yang, “Anti-exclusion Rhetoric of Chinese American Immigrants during the Exclusion Era, 1882-1945”
2012 Dexin Tian and Chin-Chung Chao, “Efforts to Launch Policies on Online Copyright Protection and Innovation in the U.S.: Implications to China”


Outstanding Article Award
Year Award Winner
2023 David C. Oh & Shinsuke Eguchi, for "Racial Privilege as a Function of White Supremacy and Contextual Advantages for Asian Americans," published in Communication, Culture and Critique in 2022.
  Meng Li, for "'Only Mother Is the Best in the World': Maternal Guilt, Migrant Motherhood, and Changing Ideologies of Childrearing in China," published in Journal of Family Communication in 2021.
2022 Corinne Sugino, for "Foreign Intrusions: An Exploration of Asian American Historical Memory Through Food-Related Discourses," published in Liminalities: A Journal of Performance Studies in 2021.
2021 Andy Kai-chun Chuang, "A Local Gay Man/Tongzhi or A Transnational Queer/Qu-er/Kuer:(Re)organizing My Queerness and Asianness through Personal Reflection" published in De-whitening intersectionality race, intercultural communication, and politics
2020 Shinsuke Eguchi, "Sticky Rice Politics: Impossible Possibilities of Queerness in and Across Yellow Fever and Front Cover" published in Women’s Studies in Communication
2019 Rohini Singh
Outstanding Book Award
Year Award Winner
2023 David C. Oh, for "Whitewashing the Movies: Asian Erasure and White Subjectivity," published by University of California Press in 2022.
  Shinsuke Eguchi, for "Asians Loving Asians: Sticky Rice Homoeroticism and Queer Politics," published by Peter Lang in 2021.
2022 Elaine Jingyan Yuan, for The Web of Meaning: The Internet in a Changing Chinese Society" published by University of Toronto Press in 2021.
  Hsin-I Cheng, for "Cultivating Membership in Taiwan and Beyond: Relational Citizenship" published by Lexington Books in 2020.
2021  Chin-Chung Chao & Louisa Ha, Asian Women Leadership: A Cross-National and Cross-Sector Comparison 
2020  Eun-Jeong Han, Min Wha Han, &  JongHwa Lee, Korean Diaspora Across the World: Homeland in History, Memory, Imagination, Media, and Reality 

Student Awards

Top Student Paper Award
Year Award Winner
2020 Colby Miyose, "Herbivore Boys and Carnivore Girls: Kimi no Na wa and the Shift to the Omnivorous Person"
2020 Md Khorshed Alam, "Branding Hijab: Construction of a Moral Consumer in Bangladeshi Advertising"
Graduate Student Travel Awards
Year Award Winner
2019 Colby Miyase
2019 Doris Acheme
2019 Valerie Biwa
2019 Pavitra Kavya
2017 Chenjie Zhang
2017 Chendan Lui-Laughton
2017 Emi Kanemoto
2016 Noorie Baig 
2016 Yeng (Alice) Cheng
2015 Elizabeth S. Parks
2015 Jenny Ungbha Korn
2015 Natasha Shrikant

Career Awards

Distinguished Scholar Award
Year Award Winner
2021 Kent A. Ono
Faculty Mentorship Award
Year Award Winner
2023 Rona Tamiko Halualani
2021 Shinsuke Eguchi
2020  Lisa K. Hanasono
2020  Satoshi Toyosaki
2019 David Oh
Early Career Award
Year Award Winner
2021 Claire Shinhea Lee'puti
2021 Dhiman Chattopadhyay
2019 Tiara Na'puti
Asian Pacific American Communication Studies Division Secretary Award
Year Award Winner
2020  Marissa Doshi