African American Communication and Culture Division

Interest Group Awards

Listed here are awards given by the Interest Group to its members. Interests Groups are smaller communities within NCA's large membership that provide a range of resources including networking opportunities, Annual Convention programming, leadership opportunities, awards, and specialized information dissemination channels, among others.

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Top Paper Award

Year Award Winner
2015 Susan L. Kline & Tiffany White, “How do We Talk about Colorism? The Effect of Racial Micro-aggression Acts on Online Discussions of Colorism”
2015 Roger Davis Gatchet and Stephen A. King “Music and Public Memory: Transcending the Past at the B.B. King Museum and Delta Interpretive Center”
2014 J.W. Smith & Sidi Becar Meyara, “Reclaiming Our Past: The Significance of the African Renaissance in the Development of African American Rhetorical Theory”
2012 Kimberly Johnson, “The Traditional Communalism of Womanist Preaching”

Top Student Paper Award

Year Award Winner
2015 Eric Holland “The African American Monomyth: A Mythic Criticism of Black Heroic Figures in American Cinema”
2015 Kate Miltner “’One part politics, one part technology, one part history’: The Construction of Race in the Unicode 7.0 Emoji Set”

Outstanding Book Award

Year Award Winner
2019 Dr. Amanda Nell Edgar and Dr. André E. Johnson Nell Edgar, A., & Johnson, A. E. (2018). The struggle over Black Lives Matter and All Lives Matter. Lanham, MD: Lexington Books.
2016 Annette D. Madlock Gatison, “Health Communication & Breast Cancer Among Black Women: Culture, Identity, Spirituality, and Strength” (Lexington Books, 2016)
2015 Aisha S. Durham “Home with Hip Hop Feminism” (Peter Lang, 2014)
2013 Andre E. Johnson “The Forgotten Prophet: Bishop Henry McNeal Turner and the African American Prophetic Tradition” (Lexington Books, 2012)
2012 Maurice Hall & Kamille Gentles-Peart “Re-Constructing Place and Space: Media, Power, Discourse and the Constitution of Caribbean Diasporas” (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2012)

Outstanding Dissertation Award

Year Award Winner
2018 Dr. Deion Hawkins, "I thought I was going to die. All I could do was turn on my camera and pray': Trauma and Communication Surrounding Police Brutality in the Black Community"
2016 Ashley Renée Hall, “Theorizing Rival Rhetorics of Black Maternities: Imagining (Re)Productive Life in Social Death”
2015 Marcus K. Hassell
2014 Uchenna A. Onuzulike “Ethnic and Transnational Identities in the Diaspora: A Phenomenological Study of Second-Generation Igbo-American Young Adults”
2013 National Office records indicate no award was given this year
2012 Christopher House

Outstanding Book Chapter Award

Year Award Winner
2019 Jenny U. Korn Korn, J. U. (2019). "The president was Black y’all: Presidential humor, neo-racism, and the social construction of Blackness and Whiteness." In H. E. Harris (Ed.), Neo-Race realities in the Obama era (pp 109-130). Albany, NY:SUNY.

Dr. Loren Coleman, "Boy Bye": A textual analysis of Angela Rye and the politics of representation of Black women in cable television news (published in Leadership through the lens: Interrogating practice, presentation, and power)

2016 Cerise L. Glenn (July 2016). Cocreating Professional Development Opportunities for Moving “Pet” to Peer: Examining Mentoring Experiences for African American Female graduate students Aspiring to become tenure Track Professors. In Keisha Edwards Tassie and Sonja M. Brown Givens (Eds.), Women of Color Navigating Mentoring Relationships: Critical Examinations. Lexington Books, 2016.
2014 Amber L. Johnson (November 2013). Negotiating More, (Mis)Labeling the Body: A Tale of Intersectionality.” In R. Boylorn & M. Orbe (Eds.), Critical Autoethnography: Intersecting Cultural Identities in Everyday Life. Walnut Creek, CA: Left Coast Press
2013 Shanara Reid-Brinkley (2012). Mammies and Matriarchs: Feminine Style and Signifyin(g) in Carol Moseley Braun’s 2003-2004 Campaign for the Presidency. In Karma R. Chávez and Cindy L. Griffin (Eds.), Standing in the Intersection: Feminist Voices, Feminist Practices in Communication Studies. SUNY Press, 2012
2012 Nickesia Gordon

Outstanding Journal Article Award

Year Award Winner
2016 Alfred L. Martin Jr., (2014) Scripting Black Gayness: Television Authorship in Black-Cast Sitcoms. Television & News Media, 16(7), 648-663.
2016 Karla D. Scott, (2016) Young, Shifting, and Black: Leaving the Language of Home and Back Again - A Cautionary Tale of Crossing Race and Gender Borders. Qualitative Inquiry. 
2015 Annette Madlock Gatison
2014 Angela Cooke Jackson & Marke P. Orbe, (2013). Relational, pleasure, and fear-associated aspects of condom use for disease prevention: A qualitative study of high-risk African American men. Qualitative Research Reports in Communication, 14(1), 62-68
2013 Cerise L. Glenn and Dante L. Johnson “’What they see as acceptable:’ A co-cultural theoretical analysis of black male students at a predominantly white institution” The Howard Journal of Communications. 23 (2012): 351-368
2012 Eletra Gilchrist-Petty & Sakile K. Camara

Outstanding Research Article Award

Year Award Winner
2019 Dr. Shardé M. Davis Davis, S. M. (2018). When sistahs support sistahs: A process of supportive communication about racial microaggressions among Black women. Communication Monographs, 1-25.
2018 Dr. Amber Johnson, "From Motown to Ferguson, the Theatre to the Streets: My Autocritography of Aesthetic Cleansing and Canonical Exception" (published in Qualitative Inquiry)