NCA Research Cultivation Grants Grantees

The Research Cultivation Grant (RCG) supports NCA’s mission to “foster professional success in research.” The specific goal of the RCG is to facilitate first-time grant-seeking for those without prior grant experience and/or those desiring to build a foundation for future grant pursuits. 

The receipients of the 2021 NCA Research Cultivation Grants are as follows:

  • Black Lives Matter: Prospectives from the Ground

    • Andre E. Johnson & Amanda Nell Edgar, University of Memphis
  • From #BlackLivesMatter to #BlackOutTuesday: Race and Mainstream Digital Engagement on Instagram
    • Tisha Dejmanee, University of Technology Sydney & Kirsten Weber and Zulfia Zaher, Central Michigan University
  • Investigating Communicated Narrative Sense-Making of Queer Miscarriage
    • Maria Butauski, Columbia College
  • Communication as Currency: Longitudinal Mixed Methods Study of a Non-Profit Financial Literacy Program for Low-Income Families 
    • Angela Gist-Mackey & Alesia Woszidlo, University of Kansas
  • Developing and Testing a Communication Skills Training Program to Improve Pediatricians’ Conversations about Medical Uncertainty
    • Anna M. Kerr, Ohio University & Charee M. Thompson, University of Illinois