Making the Case for and Advancing the Discipline

Advocacy Resources for Department Chairs

Chairs are sometimes put in the position of defending their departments, particularly in this time of budget upheaval in higher education. In this section, you will find articles written by NCA members on department advocacy and the centrality of Communication as a discipline. In addition, you can read comments by people external to the discipline, most notably the former Harvard University President Derek Bok and economist D. McCloskey, who write about the importance of oral communication.

See also: The 2009 Brigance Colloquy on Public Speaking as a Liberal Art 

In 1999, a special issue of the Journal of the Association for Communication Administration was devoted to advancing the discipline. Listed below are several articles that describe the authors’ experiences at their various institutions.

Resources developed by NCA’s Learning Outcomes in Communication Project can be used on campus and beyond to help promote the discipline of Communication.

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