Leadership Resources for Chairs

Department chairs and heads face a number of unique challenges. Some say that being chair is the most difficult role in the academy, as one must serve as a conduit between the administration and the faculty. Listed below are selected resources that may help chairs meet the demands of this challenging role.

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  • Miller, M., & Murry, J. (2015) Faculty Response to Department Leadership: Strategies for Creating More Supportive Academic Work Environments. College Quarterly
  • Jossey Bass publishes a quarterly journal, The Department Chair, which contains a number of tips and other information that is useful for leading the department.
  • The Chronicle of Higher Education typically has articles related to chairing the academic department. One article is Michael Munger’s 10 Suggestions for a New Department Chair.
  • The Chronicle of Higher Education typically has articles related to chairing the academic department. David D. Perlmutter has published a series of articles entitled Administration 101.
  • Stanford University’s Tomorrow’s Professor also posts a number of articles that are of interest for department chairs.