NCA 100th Annual Convention

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Thank You, Unit Planners 

One of the funny things I’ve learned about being a First Vice President of NCA is that a lot of people in the Association know far more at this juncture about the submissions for the convention than I do. Okay, maybe not funny, but because the First Vice President is also the primary program planner, it seems at least kind of weird, right?

Not in the least! The people “in the know” about the program submissions at this stage are precisely who they should be—the planners for more than 100 divisions, caucuses, sections, boards, special series, and affiliate organizations of NCA. They’re the people who have a strong grasp of what counts as excellent work in their areas and who have been appointed or elected by their groups to hold these key positions. These colleagues to whom we all have entrusted this major responsibility have taken it up this year with aplomb!

While the extent of the interest group planners’ work is invisible to many, it’s prodigious. They attended planning meetings at the 2013 convention. Over the course of the year they have participated in webinars, and created calls for papers, performances, and panels. They’ve established criteria for evaluation, selected (oft times pleaded for) reviewers, negotiated for co-sponsorships, asked questions about the sometimes arcane idiosyncrasies of NCA Submission Central, created sessions, and invited other members to be chairs and respondents. I can attest that the planners are also exceptionally persuasive, given the eloquence with which they have made their cases to me to secure additional panel slots for their groups, on the grounds of the quality of their many submissions. Their dedication and diligence have been admirable, and so has been their infectious enthusiasm about the Centennial Convention. Thanks, 2014 planners!

Thank you, too, to all of the many reviewers who volunteered (or were cajoled) to offer their expertise in reading and assessing an array of submissions in their various intellectual domains. They, like the planners who recruited them, have served with distinction.

We all owe a lot to our colleagues who have worked so hard as planners and reviewers to make the 100th Annual Convention the best ever, and soon, we’re all going to get to see the results of their hard work for this very special meeting of NCA.

2014 Convention: Carole BlairCarole Blair
NCA First Vice President
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill


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