NCA 101st Annual Convention

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I am deeply grateful for the hard work and dedication of our unit, affiliate, and special series planners. They did a tremendous job in crafting calls that fit with the convention theme and helping to promote submissions. Over the past six months, they have recruited (and gently reminded) reviewers, responded to submitters, and developed programming for their respective areas. When you see one a program planner at convention, be sure to smile and say "thank you!" 

In addition to our planners, my most heartfelt appreciation extends to every person who submitted a paper or panel for consideration. Thanks to all of our submitters, we had nearly as many submissions for the 2015 convention in Las Vegas as we did for our Centennial Celebration in Chicago! I'm gratified by this response to the call for the first convention of our next century. 

As I read through the convention program, I could not stop smiling (and wondering how I could figure out a way to attend multiple fascinating panels at once). Your work, your ideas, your contributions constitute the core of our convention program. I am incredibly grateful for your creativity, scholarship, and response to our convention theme, "Embracing Opportunities." During our time in Las Vegas, we will embrace opportunities for sharing pedagogical ideas and challenges, for presenting research, for discussing ways to get more involved in our discipline, and for brainstorming about potential collaborations in the future. 

Thanks so much to everyone who contributed to shaping our convention program! I truly can't wait to see everyone at our 101st Annual Convention in just a few short months! 

C BeckChristina S.Beck
NCA First Vice President
Ohio University