Performance Studies Division

Interest Group Awards

Listed here are awards given by the Interest Group to its members. Interests Groups are smaller communities within NCA's large membership that provide a range of resources including networking opportunities, Annual Convention programming, leadership opportunities, awards, and specialized information dissemination channels, among others.

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Distinguished Service Award

Year Award Winner
2023 Jennifer Linde
2022 Jonathan M. Gray
  Patricia A. Suchy
2021 Bryant Keith Alexander
2020 Karen Mitchell
2019 Tracy Stephenson Shaffer
2018 John M. "Jay" Allison
2017 Mindy E. Fenske
  M. Heather Carver
2016 Stacy Holman Jones
2015 Frederick C. Corey
2014 John Anderson
2013 Michael LeVan
2012 Heidi Rose
2011 Ronald E. Shields
2010 Ruth Laurion Bowman
2009 Gary Balfantz
2008 Craig Gingrich-Philbrook
2007 Donna Marie Nudd
2006 Michael Bowman
2005 Elizabeth Bell
2004 Nathan Stucky
2003 Bruce Henderson
2002 Timothy J. Gura
2001 Kristen Valentine
2000 Ronald Pelias
1999 Linda Park-Fuller
1998 Sheron J. Dailey
1997 Marion Kleinau
1996 Kristin Langellier
1995 Paul Gray
1994 Leslie Irene Coger
1993 Mary Susan Strine
1992 Charlotte Lee
1991 Mary Frances HopKins
1990 Dwight Conquergood
1989 Wallace Bacon
1988 Beverly Whitaker Long

Marie J. Robinson Scholarship

Year Award Winner
2023 Ethan Hunter
  Chandler Classen
2021 Shelby Swafford
2020 Sasha Sanders
2019 Laura Oliver
2018 Joshua Hamzehee
2017 Colin Whitworth
2016 Ashley Beard
2015 Lindsay Greer
2014 Nico Wood
2013 Nichole Nicholson
2012 Lyndsay Michalik
2011 Jade Huell
2010 Chris McRae
2009 Dawn Marie McIntosh
2008 Melanie Kitchens
2007 Benjamin D. Powell
2006 Javon Johnson
2005 Ragan Fox
2004 Amy L. Darnell

Top Paper Award

Year Award Winner
2023 Eddie Gamboa, "The Promise that Cannot Be Kept: Grief, Exhaustion, and Minoritarian Performance"
2021 Jennifer Erdley,"Finding Transformation through Making: Masks, Crafting, and Connection"
2017 Salma Shukri and Kate Willink, "Affective Attunement and Reflective Analysis in Interviewing"

Top Student Paper Award

Year Award Winner
2023 Pablo Ramirez, "Mapping Funny Girl’s Funny Revival: Producing White Femininity"
2021 A. B.,"Pandemonium: Reframing Performance in Pandemic"
2017 Joshua Hamzehee, "Obituary for Summer 2016: Baton Rouge Performs Tragedy and Transcends the Poetry Slam"