NCASC Awards


Club of the Year Award 

Each year, NCA recognizes an exceptional chapter that -- in the previous academic year -- was exemplar in its promotion of the study, teaching, and application of Communication principles through both educational and social programming.

Who is eligible: Any NCA student club in good standing with the NCA National Office

Deadline: September 15

Award Administration 

One winner will be chosen by the NCA Student Club Faculty Advisory Board. The winning club will be presented with a certificate at the NCASC Business Meeting and Awards Ceremony at the NCA Annual Convention.


All interested clubs should submit an electronic portfolio to the NCA National Office. Each portfolio may contain no more than 20 pages, and should include the following:

  • Statement from club officer(s) detailing how the club meets the mission of NCASC (available online)
  • Examples of activities that support the officers’ statement (i.e., photos, flyers, news clippings, etc.)
  • At least one letter of recommendation from a university official (dean, department chair, student activities officer, etc). This letter may not come from the NCA Student Club advisor.

Award Criteria

The winner will be chosen based on the following criteria, all of which have equal weight:

  • Overall look of portfolio
  • Visibility of club on campus
  • Contribution to the Communication discipline
  • Professional development of members
  • Service to the campus and surrounding community

All applicants are encouraged to prepare a printed version of the portfolio for display at the NCA Student Club Business Meeting and Awards Ceremony.

View the exemplary portfolio of the 2015 Club of the Year


Top Member Paper Award  

NCA Student Clubs invites student members to submit outstanding papers in all areas of Communication scholarship for the Top Member Paper Award. Many undergraduates are presenting at national conferences both at the professional and undergraduate levels. NCASC recognizes this excellence in undergraduate research by sponsoring the NCASC Top Member Paper Award at NCA’s Annual Convention. The top five papers submitted for the award will be presented during the awards ceremony at the convention. An award will be given to the undergraduate student (or students, if the paper is co-written) presenting the top-ranked paper.

Award Administration 

All student members from active NCA student clubs in good financial standing with the National Office are eligible for the award. An award is given to the top-ranked paper. The selection of the winning papers will be jointly determined by the Faculty Advisory Board members of NCASC. The national coordinator of NCASC will serve as a tie-breaking vote, if necessary.

Deadline: September 15th


  • There is a 25-page limit (not including references, title page, etc.).
  • Papers should be formatted according to either APA (preferred) or MLA guidelines for proper citation. For citation questions, please reference the following publications: 
    a. Anderson, C. E., Carrell, A. T., & Widdifield, J. L., Jr. (2007). What every student should know about citing sources with APA documentation. Boston: Allyn & Bacon. 
    b. Greer, M. (2007). What every student should know about citing sources with MLA documentation. Boston: Allyn & Bacon. 
    c. Stern, L. (2007). What every student should know about avoiding plagiarism. Boston: Allyn & Bacon.
  • A reference page must accompany the paper.
  • The author's name(s), school, and club identification should appear only on the first page (cover sheet) of the paper.
  • The title of the paper (or part of it) may appear as a running head throughout the paper.

Any questions regarding the paper requirements should be directed to the NCA National Office.


  1. Submitters should email their papers along with the award nomination form to the NCA National Office by September 15.
  2. Papers may be co-written (as long as one co-author is an NCASC member), but all contributors must be undergraduate students at the time the paper is written.
  3. Only completed papers will be accepted. Submitters should also include their NCA student club affiliation.
  4. Top papers submitted by members of NCASC will be considered for the award and will present their papers at the annual Awards Ceremony.
  5. The papers will be distributed to the Faculty Advisory Board members, along with a ranking sheet, for review. All papers will be ranked. Each paper ranked first on any ballot will receive 10 points toward the accumulated score, with a rank of 2=7 points, rank of 3=5 points, rank of 4=3 points and rank of 5=1 points. The paper receiving the highest total number of points from the members of the Faculty Advisory Board will be judged the winner.
  6. The NCASC Faculty Advisory Board reserves the right to submit nominated papers to for review.
  7. All papers submitted must adhere to the standards set forth by NCA’s Credo of Ethical Communication.
  8. Each paper submitted should be accompanied by a letter of recommendation for submission from the faculty member who supervised the writing of the paper.

Granting of the Award

  1. The award winners will be notified preceding the National Communication Association Annual Convention.
  2. The award, in the form of a certificate, will be presented at the NCASC Awards Ceremony at the NCA Annual Convention.