How to Start a NCASC Chapter


Requirements for Colleges and Universities 

Student Communication clubs must be affiliated with a two- or four-year college or university, subscribe to NCA’s purposes, and be officially recognized by their educational institutions. Club members do not have to belong to NCA.

Student Requirements 

The club may designate its own guidelines for accepting members based on grade point average, number of Communication credits, etc.

How to Join 

Complete and return an NCA Student Clubs Chapter Application to:

National Communication Association
Attn: NCA Student Clubs
1765 N Street, NW
Washington, DC 20036

The following dues and fees are necessary to become a chartered club:

  • $100 application fee
  • $25 annual renewal fee due by January 2 each year


Each club must submit chartering documents – mission statement, guidelines for membership and proof of campus recognition – with the chapter application form.

Once the chapter application has been processed and approved, the club may begin inducting members.

Each student club must have a faculty advisor who is included on the chapter application form. The advisor’s name will be recorded on the club’s membership. Clubs must inform NCA if there is a change in advisor.

The selection of the faculty advisor is the responsibility of the host institution. Each campus is to determine if and how advisors will be compensated for their efforts. The responsibilities of the faculty advisor should include:

  • Assuring that the campus club carries out its mission
  • Assuring that the campus club fulfills its reporting and financial responsibility to NCA
  • Assuring that the campus club fulfills its responsibilities as required by the local institution
  • Assisting the campus club in development and implementation of activities and services to assist the development of its members

Once a club is an NCASC member, it will retain that status as long as it conforms to the NCA constitution and by-laws, operates within applicable NCA policies and procedures, remains in good standing on campus, and has paid its annual NCA membership fees. If a club fails to remit its membership dues for two consecutive years, the club charter will be revoked. The club will be required to reapply for a new charter and must pay a new application fee. 

Advisors may download, customize, and print the member certificate.

NCASC Member Certificate