Policies and Procedures


Chapter Membership

How to start and maintain a chapter

Student Communication clubs must be affiliated with a two- or four-year college or university, subscribe to the purpose of NCASC, and be officially recognized by their educational institutions.

To start a chapter, please complete the NCASC Chapter Application. A new chapter fee of $100 is required, which covers the cost of the chapter charter and the chapter's first year of dues.

Annual club renewals are due on January 2 each year. The renewal fee is $25.

Student Membership

How to join your local club

Each club designates its own guidelines for accepting student members based on grade point average, number of Communication credits, etc. NCA has no national requirements for student members. Please consult with your local chapter leaders for details about your institution’s club membership requirements.

Benefits of Membership

Each year, there will be a national meeting for NCA Student Clubs at the NCA Annual Convention.

Chapters receive the following:

  • A guidebook for advisors
  • A customizable membership certificate form
  • Eligibility for Club of the Year Award
  • Representation (one vote per chapter) at the annual NCASC meeting at NCA’s Annual Convention.

Student members receive the following:

  • Eligibility for Top Member Paper Award
  • Voting rights in local chapter

Faculty Advisor Responsibilities

  • Each student club must have a faculty advisor who is indicated on the chapter application. The advisor will receive all NCASC-related communications from NCA. Clubs must inform NCA if there is a change in advisor.
  • The selection of the faculty advisor is the responsibility of the host institution. Each campus is to determine if and how advisors will be compensated for their efforts.
  • The faculty advisor should ensure that the campus club carries out the NCASC purpose through development and implementation of relevant activities, fulfills its financial responsibilities to NCA, and fulfills its responsibilities as required by the local institution. The advisor is also responsible for submitting an annual student membership list to NCA.