Regional Association News

March 2, 2023

It’s a Wrap for this Year’s WSCA Convention

The Western States Communication Association (WSCA), one of four regional association partners, wrapped up its 93rd Annual Convention in Phoenix, AZ, Feb. 20.  

NCA officers and leaders—President Walid Afifi, First Vice President Marnel Niles Goins, Jimmie Manning (University of Nevada-Reno) and Rachel Alicia Griffin (University of Utah), along with National Office staff—B. Denise Hawkins (Communications Dept.) and Hannah Hayes (Research Dept.) were delighted to be a part of this year’s amazing event! Thank you for joining us for the “Conversation with NCA Leadership” session and stopping by the NCA table.


WSCA Honors its Members, Leaders, and Communication Scholars


Marnel Niles Goins, WSCA’s Immediate Past President, received an award of appreciation for her service. Goins is NCA’s First Vice President and Primary Program Planner for the 109th Annual Convention. She is also dean of the College of Sciences and Humanities at Marymount University.  

Shinsuke Eguchi, WSCA President Elect, presented Marnel Niles Goins with the award during the convention’s luncheon. 

Organization for Research on Women and Communication (ORWAC) Award: Theresa Kulbaga, Miami University and Leland Spencer, Miami University for their article, “Outrage Epistemology: Affective Excess as a Way of Knowing in Feminist Scholarship” 

Undergraduate Scholars Research Conference (USRC) Top Four Papers: 

"Miley Cyrus: Queernormativity and White Feminism in Contemporary Pop Culture," Jordan Faith Preston, Southwestern University 

"Queer Icons and Queering Iconography: Lady Gaga’s Liberal Use of Religion in Born This Way," Preston Willis, Southwestern University 

"It’s About Damn Time!: Lizzo’s Impact on Fat Identity, Fat Celebrity, and Societal Perceptions of Fatness," Katie Love, Southwestern University 

"Does the Tiny Blue Checkmark Matter? Ritualized Use of Media Influences Interpersonal Perceptions of (Un)Verified Social Media Accounts," Jasmine Luyao Gao, University of California, Santa Barbara 

2023 Executives Club Debut Paper Award: Adeja Powell, San Diego State University, for their article, “Heaven is a Place on Earth: Black Mirror, Virtual Reality, and the “Queering” of Immersive Spaces"

B. Aubrey Fisher Award: Sophia Sah, University of Colorado, Colorado Springs 

Outgoing WSCA News & Social Media Editor Award (Appreciation): Maria Blevins
Utah Valley University 

Model Communication Program Award: Santa Monica College, Communication & Media Studies Department (Department Chair, Nancy Grass received the award) 

Distinguished Teaching Award: Brandi Lawless, University of San Francisco 

Distinguished Scholar Award: Laura Guerrero, Arizona State University 

Distinguished Service Award: Mark Bergstrom, University of Utah


Upcoming Regional Conferences and Calls 


The Central States Communication Association is hosting its 93rd Annual Convention in St. Louis, MO, March 29-April 2. The theme is "Intersections, Transitions, and Silenced Voices." Learn more and register HERE.






The Eastern Communication Association is hosting its 114th Annual Convention in Baltimore, MD, March 29-April 2. The theme is "Harboring Innovation."  Learn more and register HERE.






The Southern States Communication Association will host its 93rd Annual Convention in St. Petersburg, FL, April 12-16. Learn more and register HERE.