NCA’s Doctoral Honors Seminar and Institute for Faculty Development Held Virtually

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August 10, 2021

NCA Doctoral Honors Seminar

The NCA Doctoral Honors Seminar (DHS) brings together promising doctoral students and distinguished faculty members from across the discipline and around the world to discuss current topics in Communication. The 2021 seminar took place virtually Wednesday, July 14 – Friday, July 16. Twenty-eight doctoral students represented 25 colleges and universities across 17 states and four countries including Canada, India, South Africa, and the United States. 

There were three seminar tracts: Mass Media/Mass Communication, Social Science, and Rhetoric and Performance Studies. Faculty mentors for the 2021 DHS included: Omotayo Banjo (University of Cincinnati), Elizabeth Behm-Morawitz (University of Missouri), Byran Denham (Clemson University), Victoria J. Gallagher (North Carolina State University), Jakob D. Jensen (University of Utah), Andre E. Johnson (University of Memphis), Yeonsoo Kim (James Madison University), Carol Mills (Florida Atlantic University), Ashley Muddiman (University of Kansas), Vincent N. Pham (Willamette University), Heidi M. Rose (Villanova University), and Xiaoquan Zhao (George Mason University).

Students selected to participate in the 2021 Doctoral Honors Seminar included: 

Irena Acic, University of California – Davis
Bernadette A. Bowen, Bowling Green State University
Chelsea Butkowski, Cornell University
Leah Dajches, University of Arizona
Daniel J. DeVinney, University of Illinois
Christopher Garcia, Florida State University
Molly Han, University of Kansas
Sophie Jones, University of New Mexico
Keisuke Kimura, University of New Mexico
Madison Krall, University of Utah
Kristina Lee, Colorado State University
Danni Liao, University of Illinois
Timothy P. Luisi, University of Missouri
Anthony T. Machette, University of Oklahoma
Seth P. McCullock, Purdue University
Arti A. Nadkarni, Texas A&M University
Beatriz Nieto-Fernandez, University of South Florida
Sisandra Nkoala, University of Cape Town
Dakota Park-Ozee, University of Texas
Jessica Rauchberg, McMaster University
Shilpa Sawant, S.P. Jain Institute of Management and Research
Susanna F. Scott, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis 
Soo Young Shin, Michigan State University 
Corrine M. Sugino, University of Pittsburgh
Michael Vosburg, North Dakota State University
Kelly M. Weikle, Ohio University
Weimiao Zhou, University of Kansas
Yanmengqian Zhou, Pennsylvania State University

NCA Institute for Faculty Development

The annual NCA Institute for Faculty Development, also known as the “Hope Conference,” is designed for undergraduate Communication faculty who want to build collaborative research and pedagogical relationships, learn about new directions in theory and pedagogy, and develop new course area expertise. The 2021 NCA Institute for Faculty Development was held virtually Monday, July 19 – Friday, July 23 by host University of Nevado, Reno. Participants included 60 faculty members representing 54 colleges and universities across 29 states and the District of Columbia. 

Seminar leaders included Ahmet Atay (The College of Wooster), Ragan Fox (California State University, Long Beach), Ashley R. Hall (Illinois State University), Alison McCrowell Lietzenmayer (Old Dominion University), Sarah E. Riforgiate (University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee), and Jordan Soliz (University of Nebraska-Lincoln). The scholar-in-residence was Tina M. Harris (Louisiana State University).