Deadline Nearing for Grant Opportunities

Abstract art with NCA Grants title
August 10, 2021

Deadlines are nearing for NCA’s Research Cultivation Grants, Advancing the Discipline Grants, and grants funded by the Dale Leathers Fund to Promote Communication Studies in Emerging Democracies. The application deadline for all grants is October 1, 2021. 

Research Cultivation Grants (RCG) facilitate first-time grant-seeking for those without prior grant experience and/or those desiring to build a foundation for future grant pursuits. RCG-funded projects should propose innovative research, focus on internationalization, and/or focus on engaged scholarship. 

Advancing the Discipline Grants fund projects and events that support work that is focused on the discipline itself. All funded activities align with the goals of NCA's strategic plan and have widespread impact that reaches beyond a single department, campus, or NCA unit. 

Named for NCA’s 78th President, the Dale G. Leathers Memorial Fund grants promote scholarship and teaching in Communication Studies to benefit emerging democracies and their peoples. 

To learn more about NCA’s grant opportunities or to apply for an NCA grant, please visit the NCA Grant Opportunities webpage

Questions about NCA’s grant programs should be addressed to NCA Director of Academic and Professional Affairs LaKesha Anderson, at