Announcing the Recipients of the Advancing the Discipline, Dale Leathers Fund, and Research Cultivation Grants

December 8, 2020

NCA’s robust grant program includes the Advancing the Discipline grants, grants funded by the Dale Leathers Fund to Promote Communication Studies in Emerging Democracies, and the new Research Cultivation grants. Advancing the Discipline grants support projects and events that seek to advance the Communication discipline. The Leathers Fund grant is named for past NCA President Dale Leathers and supports Communication scholarship and teaching that benefit emerging democracies and their peoples. The Research Cultivation grants facilitate first-time grant-seeking for those without prior grant experience and/or those seeking to build a foundation for future grant pursuits. 

NCA is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2021 NCA Advancing the Discipline grants, Research Cultivation grants, and Leathers Fund grants.

Advancing the Discipline Grants

  • Sarah J. Tracy (Arizona State University), “Advancing Communication Expertise in #AltAC Careers: A Virtual Workshop Series”
  • Joshua Westwick (South Dakota State University), Jillian Joyce Kaufmann (Illinois State University), and Cheri Simonds (Illinois State University), “Developing Best-Practices for Accommodations in the Introductory Course and Beyond”
  • Davi Thornton and Deana McQuitty (North Carolina A&T University), “Advancing Health Communication Programs at HBCUs: Engaging Stakeholders in Developing an Innovative Health Communication Basic Course”
  • Jill Mitten, Kris Paal, and Erin Waggoner (Longwood University), “Teaching Speaking for Citizen Leadership”
  • Richard Huskey and Laramie Taylor (University of California Davis), “Do GRE Scores Predict Graduate Student Success in Communication?”
  • Benjamin LeMaster (Arizona State University) and Meggie Mapes (University of Kansas), “Critical Performative Pedagogical Encounters” 

Research Cultivation Grants

  • Andre E. Johnson & Amanda Nell Edgar (University of Memphis), “Black Lives Matter: Perspectives from the Ground”
  • Tisha Dejmanee (University of Technology Sydney), Kirsten Weber (Central Michigan University), and Zulfia Zaher (Central Michigan University), “From #BlackLivesMatter to #BlackOutTuesday: Race and Mainstream Digital Engagement on Instagram”
  • Maria Butauski (Columbia College), “Investigating Communicated Narrative Sense-Making of Queer Miscarriage”
  • Angela Gist-Mackey and Alesia Woszidlo (University of Kansas), “Communication as Currency: Longitudinal Mixed Methods Study of a Non-profit Financial Literacy Program for Low-Income Families”
  • Anna M. Kerr (Ohio University) and Charee M. Thompson (University of Illinois), “Developing and Testing a Communication Skills Training Program to Improve Pediatricians’ Conversations about Medical Uncertainty”

Dale Leathers Fund Grant

  • Deepti Singh Apte (KES Shroff College, University of Mumbai), “Developing Chat-App Based Diary Method to Investigate Integrated Communication” 

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