Submitting to Field Notes

Field Notes

NCA invites the submission of timely, peer-reviewed information briefs and critical response papers for inclusion in Field Notes. These rapid-response articles are intended to provide NCA members, students, and the communities we serve with the communication-focused insights they require to make sense of what is happening in our democracy.

NCA previously ran these articles as “Current Commentary” pieces within the online Communication Currents publication. NCA is now expanding Spectra to include these rapid-response pieces. The process is as follows:

  • Submitted articles should be no more than 1,500 words.
  • Each submission will receive expedited peer review.
  • Published contributions will follow a standard template and set of norms, including:
    • Each contribution must be focused on a timely communication question or issue with clear relevance to NCA’s mission.
    • Each contribution should include a reference section pointing readers to additional communication-based articles, or to additional topic-related online sources where additional reliable, credible information can be located.
    • Each contribution must exhibit best communication practices, and comport with NCA’s Credo for Ethical Communication and Terms of Use
  • Following the peer review process outlined above, NCA staff will work with authors on copyediting prior to posting newly accepted submissions as Field Notes articles. 

Submissions should be sent to

Other kinds of submissions are also welcome. Please contact Wendy Fernando directly with questions at