Text and Performance Quarterly


Formerly Known As: Literature in Performance


Current Editor

Craig Gingrich-Philbrook, Southern Illinois University

About the Journal

Text and Performance Quarterly publishes scholarship that explores and advances the study of performance as a social, communicative practice; as a technology of representation and expression; and as a hermeneutic. Articles address performance and the performative from a wide range of perspectives and methodologies, and they investigate all sites of performance from the classical stage to popular culture to the practices of everyday life. Read more



Years Editor Volumes
1980-1983 Beverly W. Long, Louisiana State University  Vols. 1-3
1983-1986 Mary Frances HopKins,* Louisiana State University  Vols. 4-6
1986-1989 Donald D. Salper, California State University-Northridge 
Alan Wade, George Washington University 
Vols. 7-8
1989-1991 Wallace Bacon,* Northwestern University  Vols. 9-11
1992-1994 Kristin M. Langellier, University of Maine  Vols. 12-14
1995-1997 Paul H. Gray, University of Texas  Vols. 15-17
1998-2000 Judith Hamera, California State University-Los Angeles  Vols. 18-20
2001-2003 Kirk W. Fuoss, St. Lawrence University  Vols. 21-23
2004-2006 Michael S. Bowman, Louisiana State University  Vols. 24-26
2007-2009 Bruce Henderson, Ithaca College  Vols. 27-29
2010-2012 Heidi Rose, Villanova University  Vols. 30-32
2013-2015 Frederick C. Corey, Arizona State University  Vols. 33-35
2016-2018 Mindy Fenske, University of South Carolina  Vols. 36-38
2019-2021 Craig Gingrich-Philbrook, Southern Illinois University Vols. 39-41