Review of Communication


Current Editor

Kathleen McConnell, San Jose State University

About the Journal

The Review of Communication publishes scholarship that advances the discipline of communication through the study of major themes that cross the disciplinary sub-fields. Read more



Years Editor Volumes
2001-2003 Thomas W. Benson, The Pennsylvania State University  Vols. 1-3
2004-2006 James W. Chesebro,* Ball State University  Vols. 4-6
2007-2009 Raymie McKerrow, Ohio University  Vols. 7-9
2010-2012 Ronald C. Arnett, Duquesne University  Vols. 10-12
2013-2016 Pat Gehrke, University of South Carolina  Vols. 13-16
2017-2019 Ramsey Eric Ramsey, Arizona State University Vols. 17-19
2020-2022 Kathleen McConnell, San Jose State University Vols. 20-22