Quarterly Journal of Speech


Formerly Known As: Quarterly Journal of Public Speaking and Quarterly Journal of Speech Education


Current Editor

Karrin Anderson, Colorado State University

About the Journal

The Quarterly Journal of Speech (QJS) publishes peer-reviewed articles and book reviews of interest to those who take a rhetorical perspective on the texts, discourses, and cultural practices by which public beliefs and identities are constituted, empowered, and enacted. Read more


Years Editor Volumes
1915 NAATPS Publication Committee Vol. 1
1916-1920 James M. O'Neill,* University of Wisconsin   Vols. 2-6
1921-1923 Charles Woolbert,* University of Illinois  Vols. 7-9
1924-1926 John Dolman, Jr.,* University of Pennsylvania  Vols. 10-12
1927-1929 Everett Lee Hunt,* Swarthmore College  Vols. 13-15
1930-1932 Andrew Thomas Weaver,* University of Wisconsin  Vols. 16-18
1933-1935 Hoyt H. Hudson,* Princeton University  Vols. 19-21
1936-1938 Claude H. Wise,* Louisiana State University  Vols. 22-24
1939-1941 Giles Wikerson Gray,* Louisiana State University  Vols. 25-27
1942-1944 William Norwood Brigance,* Wabash College   Vols. 28-30
1945-1947 Karl R. Wallace,* University of Virginia  Vols. 31-33
1948-1950 H. F. Harding,* Ohio State University  Vols. 34-36
1951-1953 Bower Aly,* University of Missouri  Vols. 37-39
1954-1956 Wilbur Samuel Howell,* Princeton University  Vols. 40-42
1957-1959 Donald C. Bryant,* University of Iowa  Vols. 43-45
1960-1962 Richard Murphy,* University of Illinois  Vols. 46-48
1963-1965 Marie Hochmuth Nichols,* University of Illinois  Vols. 49-51
1966-1968 Robert G. Gunderson,* Indiana University  Vols. 52-54
1969-1971 Wayne Brockriede,* University of Colorado  Vols. 55-57
1972-1974 Robert L. Scott,* University of Minnesota  Vols. 58-60
1975-1977 Edwin Black,* University of Wisconsin   Vols. 61-63
1978-1980 Robert P. Friedman,* University of Oregon  Vols. 64-66
1981-1983 Herman G. Stelzner,* University of Massachusetts  Vols. 67-69
1984-1986 Walter R. Fisher, University of Southern California  Vols. 70-72
1987-1989 Thomas W. Benson, The Pennsylvania State University  Vols. 73-75
1990-1992 Martha Solomon, University of Maryland  Vols. 76-78
1993-1995 Robert L. Ivie, Indiana University  Vols. 79-81
1996-1998 Barbara Warnick, University of Washington  Vols. 82-84
1999-2001 Andrew King, Louisiana State University  Vols. 85-87
2002-2004 Karlyn Kohrs Campbell, University of Minnesota  Vols. 88-90
2005-2007 David Henry, University of Nevada-Las Vegas  Vols. 91-93
2008-2010 John Louis Lucaites, Indiana University   Vols. 94-96
2011-2013 Raymie McKerrow, Ohio University   Vols. 97-99
2014-2016 Barbara Biesecker, University of Georgia  Vols. 100-102
2017-2019 Mary Stuckey, The Pennsylvania State University Vols. 103-105
2020-2022 Karrin Anderson, Colorado State University Vols. 106-108