Journal of Applied Communication Research


Current Editor

Mohan Dutta, Massey University

About the Journal

The Journal of Applied Communication Research publishes original peer-reviewed scholarship that addresses or challenges the relation between theory and practice in understanding communication in applied contexts. Read more


Years Editor Volumes
1973-1980 Mark Hickson, Mississippi State University  Vols. 1-8
1981 Keith Jenson, University of South Florida  Vol. 9
1981-1986 Kenneth N. Cissna, University of South Florida  Vols. 9-14
1986-1987 D. Thomas Porter, University of South Florida  Vols. 14-15
1988-1990 Board of Directors Vols. 16-18
1991-1993 William F. Eadie, California State University-Northridge  Vols. 19-21
1994-1996 Julia T. Wood, University of North Carolina  Vols. 22-24
1997-1999 David R. Seibold, University of California-Santa Barbara  Vols. 25-27
2000-2002 Dan O'Hair, University of Oklahoma  Vols. 28-30
2003-2005 Joann Keyton, University of Kansas  Vols. 31-33
2006-2008 Timothy L. Sellnow, North Dakota State University  Vols. 34-36
2009-2011 Laura Stafford, University of Kentucky  Vols. 37-39
2012-2014 Michele H. Jackson, University of Colorado  Vols. 40-42
2015-2017 Katherine Miller, Arizona State University  Vols. 43-45
2018-2020 Debbie S. Dougherty, University of Missouri Vols. 46-48
2021-2023 Mohan Dutta, Massey University Vols. 49-51