First Amendment Studies


Formerly Known As: Free Speech Yearbook (1970 - 2012) and Speech Association of America: Committee on Freedom of Speech - Yearbook (1960 - 1969)


Current Editor

Kevin Johnson, California State University Long Beach

About the Journal

First Amendment Studies (formerly Free Speech Yearbook) is a peer-reviewed journal that publishes original essays that make a significant contribution to theory and/or policy, on all aspects of free speech. Read more



Years Editor Volumes
1962-1966 Robert M. O'Neil, Indiana University  Vols. 1-5
1966-1969 George P. Rice, Butler University  Vols. 6-8
1970-1972 Thomas L. Tedford,* University of North Carolina-Greensboro  Vols. 9-11
1973-1975 Alton Barbour, University of Denver  Vols. 12-14
1976-1978 Gregg Phifer,* Florida State University  Vols. 15-17
1979-1981 Peter E. Kane, State University of New York-Brockport  Vols. 18-20
1982-1984 Henry L. Ewbank,* University of Arizona  Vols. 21-23
1985-1987 Stephen A. Smith, University of Arkansas  Vols. 24-26
1988-1991 Raymond S. Rodgers, North Carolina State University  Vols. 28-30
1991-1994 Dale Herbeck, Boston College  Vols. 31-33
1995-1997 John J. Makay, Bowling Green State University  Vols. 34-36
1998-2000 Matthew W. Seeger, Wayne State University  Vols. 37-39
2001-2004 Susan J. Drucker, Hofstra University  Vols. 39-41
2005-2009 James Arnt Aune,* Texas A&M University  Vols. 42-43
2010-2012 Juliet Dee, University of Delaware  Vols. 44-46
2013-2015 David Dewberry, Rider University  Vols. 47-52
2016-2018 Paul Siegel, University of Hartford  Vols. 50-52
2019-2021 Kevin Johnson, California State University Long Beach Vols. 53-55