Critical Studies in Media Communication


Formerly Known As: Critical Studies in Mass Communication (1984 - 1999)


Current Editor

Mia Consalvo, Concordia University

About the Journal

Critical Studies in Media Communication provides a home for scholarship in media and mass communication from a cultural studies and critical perspective. It particularly welcomes cross-disciplinary works that enrich debates among various disciplines, critical traditions, methodological and analytical approaches, and theoretical standpoints. Read more



Years Editor Volumes
1984-1986 Robert K. Avery, University of Utah  Vols. 1-3
1987-1989 David L. Eason, University of Utah  Vols. 4-6
1990-1992 Sari Thomas, Temple University  Vols. 7-9
1993-1995 Clifford G. Christians, University of Illinois  Vols. 10-12
1996-1998 D. Charles Whitney, University of Texas  Vols. 13-15
1999-2001 James W. Chesebro, Indiana State University  Vols. 16-18
2002-2004 Celeste Michelle Condit & Bonnie Dow, University of Georgia  Vols. 19-21
2005-2007 Linda Steiner, University of Maryland  Vols. 22-24
2008-2010 Eric King Watts, University of North Carolina  Vols. 25-27
2011-2013 Ronald L. Jackson II & Kent Ono, University of Illinois  Vols. 28-30
2014-2016 Katherine Sender, University of Auckland & Peter Decherney, University of Pennsylvania  Vols. 31-33
2017-2019 Rob Brookey, Ball State University Vols. 34-36
2020-2022 Mia Consalvo, Concordia University Vols. 37-39