Communication Teacher


Current Editor

David H. Kahl, Pennsylvania State University

About the Journal

Communication Teacher publishes instructional activities that can be conducted in either the K-12 or college classroom; manuscripts focused on communication education assessment of student learning, classroom practices (K-12 or college), or program development; and original teaching activities with links to assessment articles. Read more



Years Editor Volumes
1986-1989 P. Judson Newcombe, University of South Florida  Vols. 1-4
1989-1992 Mary Bozik, University of Northern Iowa  Vols. 5-7
1992-1995 Joan Gorham, West Virginia University  Vols. 8-10
1995-1998 Joan E. Aitken, University of Missouri-Kansas City  Vols. 11-13
1999-2001 Larry Hugenberg,* Youngstown State University  Vols. 14-15
2001-2004 Scott A. Myers, West Virginia University  Vols. 16-18
2005-2007 Kent Menzel, Depauw University  Vols. 19-21
2008-2010 Deanna Sellnow, University of Kentucky  Vols. 22-24
2011-2013 Cheri J. Simonds, Illinois State University  Vols. 25-27
2014-2016 Marian Houser, Texas State University  Vols. 28-30
2017-2019 Deanna Fassett, San Jose State University Vols. 31-33
2020-2022 David H. Kahl, Pennsylvania State University Vols. 34-36