Communication Monographs


Formerly Known As: Speech Monographs (1934 - 1975)


Current Editor

Paul Schrodt, Texas Christian University

About the Journal

Communication Monographs aims to provide a venue for excellent original scholarship that contributes to our understanding of human communication. The scholarship should endeavour to ask questions about the diverse and complex issues that interest Communication scholars, including areas such as media studies, interpersonal and relational communication, organizational and group communication, health and family communication, rhetoric, language and social interaction, intercultural communication and cultural studies, and others. Read more


Years Editor Volumes
1934-1941 Clarence T. Simon,* Northwestern University  Vols. 1-8
1942-1947 R.H. Wagner,* Cornell University  Vols. 9-14
1948-1950 Lester Thonssen,* College of the City of New York  Vols. 15-17
1951-1953 Franklin H. Knower,* Ohio State University  Vols. 18-20
1954-1956 J. Jeffery Auer,* University of Virginia  Vols. 21-23
1957-1958 Howard Gilkinson, University of Minnesota  Vols. 24-25
1958-1959 John W. Black,* Ohio State University  Vols. 25-26
1960-1962 Douglas Ehninger,* University of Florida  Vols. 27-29
1963-1965 Wayne N. Thompson,* University of Texas  Vols. 30-32
1966-1968 Carroll C. Arnold,* The Pennsylvania State University  Vols. 33-35
1969-1971 Samuel L. Becker,* University of Iowa  Vols. 36-38
1972-1974 Thomas M. Scheidel, University of Wisconsin  Vols. 39-41
1975-1977 Roger E. Nebergall, University of Illinois  Vols. 42-44
1978-1980 John W. Bowers, University of Iowa  Vols. 45-47
1981-1983 Phillip Tompkins, Purdue University  Vols. 48-50
1984-1986 Gerald R. Miller,* Michigan State University  Vols. 51-53
1987-1989 Margaret McLaughlin, University of Southern California  Vols. 54-56
1990-1992 Judee K. Burgoon, University of Arizona  Vols. 57-59
1993-1995 Charles R. Bantz, Arizona State University  Vols. 60-62
1996-1998 Dennis S. Gouran, The Pennsylvania State University  Vols. 63-65
1999-2001 Michael J. Beatty, University of Missouri-St. Louis  Vols. 66-68
2002-2004 Franklin J. Boster, Michigan State University  Vols. 69-71
2005-2007 Alan Sillars, University of Montana  Vols. 72-74
2008-2010 Mike Allen, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee  Vols. 75-77
2011-2013 Katherine Miller, Texas A&M University  Vols. 78-80
2014-2016 Kory Floyd, Arizona State University  Vols. 81-83
2017-2019 Tamara D. Afifi, University of California Santa Barbara Vols. 84-86
2020-2022 Paul Schrodt, Texas Christian University Vols. 87-89