NCA Annual Convention

NCA 104th Annual Convention: Communication at Play

NCA18 Convention Artwork
November 08 - 11, 2018
Salt Lake City, UT


Gratitude is at once both inexpensive and invaluable... it costs little to give, but is often of great value. As the primary program planner for the NCA 104th Annual Convention, I want to thank everyone who submitted to present at the convention. I am particularly grateful for the creativity and ingenuity with which submitters have addressed the theme of "Communication at Play." A convention theme is in some ways like a child... you bring it into the world, help shape and form a foundation, and then let it grow and become its own creation. Submissions have wildly exceeded my expectations, due in no small part to the imagination and inspiration of our members, for which I am very appreciative. In a paradoxical way, I am also grateful to those who didn't try to force the theme where it didn't work, instead forging their own pathways to submission.
Reflecting on my own panel creation and paper submissions over the past 30 years, it is my sense that our convention experiences often constitute the underlying community of our discipline. The effort to complete a project, proof and polish it, and then submit it for presentation represents the essential foundation of sharing ideas, techniques, and strategies with others. Creating a panel, including naming of a critical focus, and identification of others who might share similar interests, is an essential move in the advancement of knowledge and the creation of community. So a special thanks to all who have worked hard to create an exchange of ideas, to bring in new voices to enrich our conversations, and to forge linkages that reflect the complexity and wonder of this thing we call Communication. On behalf of the planning team, we thank you for your submissions, and we look forward to sharing an amazing convention experience in Salt Lake City in November.


Star Muir
NCA First Vice President