2008 NCA Award Winners

NCA Award Winners by Year

Teaching Awards

Donald H. Ecroyd Award for Outstanding Teaching in Higher Education

  • No award given

Marcella E. Oberle Award for Outstanding Teaching in Grades K-12

  • Lacye Odam

Michael and Suzanne Osborn Community College Outstanding Educator Award

  • Marla Chisholm, Del Mar College

Wallace A. Bacon Lifetime Teaching Excellence Award

  • Timothy J. Gura


Scholarship Awards

Bernard J. Brommel Award for Outstanding Scholarship or Distinguished Service in Family Communication

  • Steven R. Wilson, Purdue University

Charles H. Woolbert Research Award

  • Kent Ono & John M. Sloop, “The Critique of Vernacular Discourse.” Communication Monographs 62 (1995): 19-46.

Diamond Anniversary Book Award

  • Robert Hariman & John Louis Lucaites, No Caption Needed: Iconic Photographs, Public Culture and Liberal Democracy. (University of Chicago Press, 2007)
  • William M. Keith, Democracy as Discussion: Civic Education and the American Forum Movement. (Lexington Books, 2007).

Donald P. Cushman Memorial Award

  • Eric S. Jenkins, University of Georgia, “The Towers of Babble and the Passage of the USA PATRIOT Act.”

Douglas W. Ehninger Distinguished Rhetorical Scholar Award

  • J. Michael Hogan

Franklyn S. Haiman Award for Distinguished Scholarship in Freedom of Expression

  • Robert L. Kerr, “Justifying Corporate Speech Regulation Through A Town-Meeting Understanding of the Marketplace of Ideas,” Journalism & Communication Monographs 9 (2007): 57-113.

Gerald M. Phillips Award for Distinguished Applied Communication Scholarship

  • Kenneth N. Cissna

Gerald R. Miller Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Awards

  • Paul Leonardi, Stanford University. “Organizing Technology: Toward a Theory of Sociomaterial Imbrication,” (Stephen R. Barley, advisor).
  • Zornitsa Keremidchieva, University of Minnesota. “The Gendering of Legislative Rationality: Women, Immigrants, and the Nationalization of Citizenship, 1918-1922,” (Karlyn Kohrs Campbell & Jacquelyn Zita, advisors).

James A. Winans-Herbert A. Wichelns Memorial Award for Distinguished Scholarship in Rhetoric and Public Address

  • Robert Hariman & John Louis Lucaites, No Caption Needed: Iconic Photographs, Public Culture, and Liberal Democracy (University of Chicago Press, 2007).

James L. Golden Outstanding Student Essay in Rhetoric Award

  • Francesca Marie Smith, Stanford University

Karl R. Wallace Memorial Award

  • Bradford Vivian

Leslie Irene Coger Award for Distinguished Performance

  • Craig Gingrich-Philbrook

Lilla A. Heston Award for Outstanding Scholarship in Interpretation and Performance Studies

  • Michael Bowman

Mark L. Knapp Award in Interpersonal Communication

  • Charles R. Berger
  • Judee K. Burgoon


Service Awards

Robert J. Kibler Memorial Award

  • David Seibold

Samuel L. Becker Distinguished Service Award

  • Judy C. Pearson