Communication Education


Formerly Known As: The Speech Teacher


Current Editor

Joseph Mazer, Clemson University

About the Journal

A journal of the National Communication Association, Communication Education publishes high-quality international scholarship that is committed to the advancement of communication and learning broadly defined as instructional communication and communication education. Read more



Years Editor Volumes
1952-1954 Dallas C. Dickey, University of Florida  Vols. 1-3
1955-1957 Henry L. Mueller, University of Illinois  Vols. 4-6
1958-1960 Karl Robinson,* Northwestern University  Vols. 7-9
1961-1963 Gladys Borchers, University of Wisconsin  Vols. 10-12
1964-1966 Hugh F. Seabury, University of Iowa  Vols. 13-15
1967-1969 Waldo W. Braden,* Louisiana State University  Vols. 16-18
1970-1972 Frank E.X. Dance, University of Denver  Vols. 19-21
1973-1975 Mary M. Roberts,* Kansas State College  Vols. 22-24
1976-1978 Kenneth L. Brown,* University of Massachusetts  Vols. 25-27
1979-1981 Gustav W. Friedrich, University of Nebraska  Vols. 28-30
1982-1984 Donald Ecroyd,* Temple University  Vols. 31-33
1985-1987 John A. Daly, University of Texas  Vols. 34-36
1988-1990 James C. McCroskey,* West Virginia University  Vols. 37-39
1991-1993 Lawrence B. Rosenfeld, University of North Carolina  Vols. 40-42
1994-1996 Douglas M. Trank,* University of Iowa  Vols. 43-45
1997-1999 Ruth Anne Clark, University of Illinois  Vols. 46-48
2000-2002 Joe Ayres, Washington State University  Vols. 49-51
2003-2005 Don Rubin, University of Georgia  Vols. 52-54
2006-2008 Patricia Kearney, California State University-Long Beach  Vols. 55-57
2009-2011 Melanie Booth-Butterfield, West Virginia University  Vols. 58-60
2012-2014 Paul L. Witt, Texas Christian University  Vols. 61-63
2015-2017 Jonathan Hess, University of Dayton  Vols. 64-66
2018-2020 Deanna Dannels, NC State University Vols. 67-69
2021-2023 Joseph Mazer, Clemson University Vols. 70-72