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National Communication Association Urges Communication Scholars and Teachers to Help Communities Heal in the Wake of Shootings

July 29, 2016
Association News
Race/Class/Gender, Social Justice

Washington, DC - In light of the wave of violence that has left citizens and police officers dead in communities across the United States in recent weeks, the National Communication Association (NCA) has issued an Action Alert, encouraging the nearly 7,000 Communication teachers and scholars who constitute its membership to continue to use their communication expertise for the common good.

“Communication faculty are uniquely skilled at organizing and hosting public forums, teach-ins, and debates; in many instances, they are campus leaders when it comes to issues of social justice and civic engagement, and  have long been leaders in supporting issues of diversity, inclusion, and peace-building,” the alert reads. “ Thus, in keeping with NCA’s core principles, the organization calls upon Communication teachers and scholars to continue using best communication practices to help their communities seek healing.”

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