Jennifer McNally

Interim Senior Director, Strategic Communications

Jennifer McNally has been at the forefront of integrating content through digital marketing throughout her nearly 25-year career. She got her start in print newspapers, building a strong foundation for writing and editing as a member of the copy desk. She then moved to Washington, DC, where she began working at SmartBrief, the association industry’s first digital newsletter service. 

As the head of content for SmartBrief, McNally led a global team that gathered content from hundreds of sources and integrated that information into hard-hitting daily and weekly digital briefs. After mastering that arena, she led SmartBrief into the then-nascent arena of digital content marketing.

After more than a dozen years at SmartBrief, she joined a healthcare consulting company as VP of marketing. There she gained valuable experience in the more traditional side of full-stack marketing. 

In 2014, McNally transitioned out of that role and began working with the Todd Mann Management Group to support trade associations and nonprofits in their communications efforts.