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Virtual Convention Information Now Available

September 3, 2020

The NCA 106th Annual Convention will be completely virtual and will include both asynchronous and synchronous sessions. Asynchronous content will be available beginning November 1 on NCA Convention Central. Most synchronous sessions will take place as originally scheduled on November 18-22. Please click on the links provided below for information relevant to attending and presenting virtually. Note that accepted session participants also will receive additional information regarding how and when their sessions will take place from the NCA convention team. 

Guide to NCA’s 2020 Virtual Convention: This guide offers essential information for all NCA Annual Convention participants. The guide addresses basic questions about transcriptions and captioning; creating virtual sessions for panel discussions, paper sessions, performance sessions, and film sessions; organizing a virtual presentation as an individual submitter; business meetings; and the NCA Career Center and Graduate School Open House, and offers tips for creating safe, accessible, and inclusive virtual presentations. All convention registrants can find helpful information here; please make sure to review it carefully.

Best Practices for Virtual Engagement by Presentation Type and Role: This document offers best practices for both synchronous and asynchronous presentations. Chairs, presenters, and respondents for synchronous presentations can find information about keeping presentations secure, tips for crafting engaging and accessible virtual presentations, and much more! Presenters for asynchronous presentations and Scholar to Scholar presentations can also find presentation tips, including how to use phones or laptops to record a presentation and how to create a poster with PowerPoint. The reimagined convention requires more attention to process by convention presenters, so please make sure to review the information provided here carefully.