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Special Issue of Communication Monographs Now Available: Biology, Physiology, and Communication

March 11, 2015

How do biology, physiology, and communication intersect? Find out in the latest issue of Communication Monographs, which explores the ways our physiological processes are connected with our communication behaviors. Guest edited by Tamara Afifi of the University of Iowa, this special issue highlights advances in Communication theory made with methodologically innovative research that introduces biological and physiological data to ongoing discussions. The articles cover a wide range of topics including neural predictors of message effectiveness, biophysical responses to video games, and genetic predictors of disclosure.

“It is logically impossible to separate communication from the biology of those who produce it,” writes Afifi. “This special issue represents a turn of the tide that will encourage both current and upcoming generations of Communication scholars to consider the biological and physiological implications of their own communication interests,” she adds.

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