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Quarterly Journal of Speech Celebrates Its Centennial with Special Issue

February 12, 2015

To celebrate the Quarterly Journal of Speech’s centennial, Editor Barbara A. Biesecker invited former QJS editors and book review editors to write essays on past Communication scholarship, current trends, and future possibilities.  The special issue features those essays along with scholarly responses.

When the first volume of the journal was published in 1915, one of NCA’s founders and editorial board members, James O’Neill, wrote:

Through this periodical we hope to distribute to all the profession the results of research investigation. We intend that it shall be the organ of the teachers of public speaking throughout the country, and as such shall contain reviews, articles, discussions, and news items of vital interest to teachers of public speaking. In short we propose a national organ owned and controlled by the public-speaking teachers of the whole country, of a character that will stand comparison with the professional journals of our colleagues in other departments.  We expect the Quarterly Journal to serve the teachers of public speaking as other professional journals serve teachers in other fields. The success of our whole movement for more thorough scholarship and better teaching is closely dependent upon the success of the Quarterly Journal. It is through the Journal that we must always reach the majority of teachers; and through the Journal that those who cannot attend conventions may keep in touch with what is being done by others and give the results of their work to their fellow-workers. Here we will have at once a means of communication between ourselves and the gathering together of much of that tangible part of the products of our labor by which the profession as a profession will largely be judged by others.

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