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New NCA Interest Group: Economics, Communication, and Society

September 1, 2017

Since the early 1980s, scholars in Communication Studies have been interested in analyzing economic phenomena from the standpoint of rhetoric and Communication theory. Early exemplars of such projects include Deirdre McCloskey’s Rhetoric of Economics, Stanley Deetz’s Democracy in an Age of Corporate Colonization, and James Arnt Aune’s Rhetoric and Marxism. These and other similar inquiries form the foundation of a new division devoted to the interdisciplinary analysis of economics, communication, and society. Motivated in part by the 2008 financial crisis, and at another level by a newly formed listserv consisting of nearly 100 active scholars, the conditions came into place to form an NCA division that promotes scholarship on the communicative dimensions of economic theory and practice as well as the economy of communication.

In its current form as a new NCA division, ECS is organized to house four main trajectories of research: the rhetoric of economics, the cultural studies of the economy, the political economy of communication, and critical organizational communication. These areas of scholarship are all defined broadly and can be engaged using a range of critical methodologies. ECS also supports research from diverse philosophical orientations such as the history of economic thought, the rhetoric of economic theory and policy, the political economy of media institutions, the affective or biopolitical aspects of economic power, and the historical transformation of economic forms of life. All scholarship affiliated with ECS aims to foster a more just, democratic, and equitable society and culture.

ECS is actively seeking new members to join its division and help steer its future. We are particularly interested in working with scholars who are pursuing interdisciplinary projects that foster conversations both inside and outside Communication Studies. For more information about ECS, please contact the current members of its Executive Board: