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New Data About the Discipline

May 9, 2017

Recent C-Briefs

In March, we examined political party affiliation among academic faculty, based on a report from Econ Journal Watch. Among tenure-track professors in Journalism/Communication, the ratio of registered Democrats to Republicans was 20 to 1. Additionally, the report found that Journalism/Communication and History are among the most liberal departments in colleges and universities nationwide. Learn more here

In April, we shared the 2017 Rankings for Federal Social and Behavioral Science R&D, using data from the National Science Foundation’s annual Higher Education Research and Development Survey. In addition to the top 10 ranked U.S. universities by federal R&D expenditures, we listed the top five “Communication, Journalism, and Library Science” institutions.  Of those institutions, the University of Washington, Seattle, took the top spot, with $12,350,000 in federal R&D expenditures in 2015. View the rankings here.