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NCA Releases 2014 Jobs Report

May 19, 2015

Academic positions advertised in Communication continue to increase, according to NCA’s recently released 2014 Academic Job Listings in Communication Report. The number of advertisements posted in NCA outlets for academic positions in Communication has more than doubled from 2009 to 2014. There were 351 jobs advertised in 2009, followed by a steady increase over time to 752 in 2014.

The report also details the types of positions being advertised. Sixty-six percent of the 2014 job postings sought individuals for tenured or tenure-track positions, with 44 percent of the postings seeking an assistant professor. Non tenure-track positions (Instructor and Visiting/Temporary) accounted for another 27 percent of the job postings in 2014. Seven percent of the postings sought individuals for administrative positions, with 35 percent of those administrative position postings seeking a department chair.

The report was covered by Inside Higher Ed.  

NCA annually collects data about academic position openings for faculty members and administrators in Communication from advertisements in the NCA Career Center, the CRTNET listserv, and Spectra magazine. These outlets are centralized repositories for advertising academic positions in Communication, and are used broadly by colleges and universities seeking Communication faculty and administrators.

Click here to view the full report.