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Inclusivity Taskforce

NCA’s Task Force on Inclusivity is Hard at Work

May 25, 2016

NCA is committed to promoting diversity and striving for an inclusive climate. To help ensure that the association is as inclusive and welcoming as possible, the NCA Task Force on Inclusivity was appointed by Kathleen J. Turner when she was Immediate Past President.  

The Task Force is working diligently and will be communicating with NCA members about a number of initiatives in the future. Members include:  

Co-Chair: Brenda J. Allen, University of Colorado, Denver
Co-Chair: Raymie McKerrow, Ohio University
Walid Afifi, University of Iowa
Patrice Buzzanell, Purdue University
James L. Cherney, Wayne State University
Lisa Flores, University of Colorado, Boulder
Ziyu Long, Colorado State University
Jimmie Manning, Northern Illinois University
Kathleen J. Turner, Davidson College (Emerita)

Check out the March 2016 issue of Spectra, Realizing the Promise of Diversity, which was inspired by the NCA Task Force on Inclusivity.