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Learning Outcomes in Communication

Learning Outcomes in Communication Project Starts Conversations about Curriculum Development

December 14, 2015

NCA’s Learning Outcomes in Communication (LOC) project is a grant-funded, multi-year, faculty-driven initiative that seeks to answer the question, “What should a graduate with a Communication degree know, understand, and be able to do?”  The learning outcomes are designed to begin conversations about enhancing curricular development with the intent of improving student learning; open to adaptation and revision, the LOCs are not meant to be prescriptive.  In addition to facilitating productive work on course and curriculum development within the discipline, the LOCs also provide a clear articulation of the discipline of Communication on campuses, in workplaces, and in personal and civic communities. 

NCA has already distributed LOC materials to more than 800 department chairs across the country. The materials provide starting points for departments seeking to work on course and curriculum development. Other LOC materials were created to facilitate engagement with administrators, and still others are focused on individuals outside of the Communication discipline.

At NCA’s 101st Annual Convention, several panels addressed the LOCs, and starting in early 2016, NCA staff and LOC faculty participants will discuss the project in a variety of venues, including at the four regional conventions and at meetings of the  Association of American Colleges & Universities.

To access the LOC materials, and to learn more about the project, visit .