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Hope Conference

Hope College Hosts Institute for Faculty Development

September 11, 2015

The NCA Institute for Faculty Development, also known as the “Hope Conference,” was held July 19-25 at Hope College in Holland, MI. Fifty-one faculty members participated in the popular annual conference, which is designed to help undergraduate Communication faculty stay current with theory and research as they guide curricular development in a variety of areas. Seminars were led by Tamara Afifi (Interpersonal Communication), NCA President Carole Blair (Rhetoric), Barry Brummett (Popular Culture), Stan Deetz (Organizational Communication), Srividya Ramasubramanian (Global Media), and Andrew Wolvin (Listening). Barbara Biesecker served as the 2015 Scholar-in-Residence. NCA Assistant Director for Academic and Professional Affairs LaKesha Anderson welcomed attendees and participated in several of the seminars.