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Featured Online Resource

Featured NCA Online Resource

February 10, 2016

The NCA Career Center is a great place for job seekers to acquire career advice and job search tips. Check out the two videos we’ve recently added to the Career Center:

Interviewing with Insight: How to Anticipate Interview Questions and Formulate Meaningful Responses
Dr. Claire Procopio (Southern Louisiana University) discusses strategies for analyzing the interview committee as an audience, common topic areas in academic interviews, and using example-based answers to make your responses stand out.

Embracing Opportunities Beyond the Academy 

Dr. Elizabeth Baiocchi-Wagner (Sr. Analyst, Market Strategies International, Portland, OR) discusses her own journey from the academic world to a non-academic position, as well as strategies for landing a non-academic job, challenges/benefits of making the "jump," and tips for searching for jobs and building a resume.