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Featured Academic Resource: “Effective Instructional Practice” Essay Series

May 9, 2017

The Educational Policies Board has recently completed a new essay series designed to provide practical advice for Communication instructors on how to enhance effective classroom communication. Each of the 17 “Effective Instructional Practice” (EIP) essay focuses on either an instructor or a student classroom communication behavior, with a description of the behavior, three reasons why the behavior is beneficial, five tips on how to incorporate the behavior into an existing teaching repertoire, and a reference to a measure to assess the behavior.

The EIPs were written by San Bolkan, California State University-Long Beach; Melissa A. Broeckelman-Post, George Mason University; Brandi N. Frisby, University of Kentucky; Zachary W. Goldman, Illinois College; Alan K. Goodboy, West Virginia University; Jon A. Hess, University of Dayton; Angela M. Hosek, Ohio University; Zac D. Johnson, California State University-Fullerton; Carrie D. Kennedy-Lightsey, Stephen F. Austin State University; Sara LaBelle, Chapman University; Matthew M. Martin, West Virginia University; Joseph P. Mazer, Clemson University; Scott A. Myers, West Virginia University; Robert J. Sidelinger, Oakland University; Melissa F. Tindage, California State University-Los Angeles; Scott Titsworth, Ohio University; and Tiffany R. Wang, University of Montevallo.

NCA members can access the EIPs by logging into the website, clicking on “Teaching and Learning” under the Academic & Professional Resources tab, and then clicking on the essay series under the “In the Classroom” right-hand menu.