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Association for Chinese Communication Studies Hosts Virtual Brown Bag Series

July 14, 2017

Association for Chinese Communication Studies Hosts Virtual Brown Bag Series
The Association for Chinese Communication Studies (ACCS) held its first two brown bag events on WeChat (WeChat is a popular mobile messaging app in Greater China.) The virtual speaker series aims to promote a stronger community and more information sharing among scholars of Chinese Communication Studies on practical topics such as job search, tenure and promotion, teaching, and international collaboration, and scholarly topics such as methodological shifts in the field and research trends in various communication sub-disciplines. Questions were collected from participating ACCS members in advance and responded to by guest speakers during a one-hour session.

The first ACCS brown bag event covered topics including grant applications, paper publication, and academic jobs. The guest speakers included Dr. Hairong Feng (University of Minnesota at Duluth), Dr. Min Jiang (University of North Carolina at Charlotte), and Dr. Bo Feng (University of California, Davis). More than 100 faculty members and graduate students joined the WeChat group discussion. The second event featured four guest speakers, including Dr. Guobin Yang (University of Pennsylvania), Dr. Hua Jiang (Syracuse University), Dr. Bing Han (University of South Carolina Aiken), and Dr. Meina Liu (George Washington University). They shared personal experiences and professional knowledge related to Appointment, Promotion, and Tenure (APT) criteria at American universities. The number of participants grew to more than 200 by the end of the second event.

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